August 10, 2022

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  • Everyone did get to wake up a little bit later than usual this morning becuase the morning wasn't starting like usual. It was just about 10 minutes later than usual, but it still was a few minutes of reprieve. 
  • Anderson, Campbell and Anna left before 9 this morning so we could take Anderson to Raymar to help work on the fields. Tben we dropped Anna off and picked up Keaton from the Craft's house. 
  • I was then home for about an hour while I was trying to hurry everyone along with their school work. I think that everyone did pretty much okay today even though this was a crazy day. (All of the chores weren't finished though, but the house will survive.)
  • Whitman had a really great first day, but he has definitely slowed down quite a bit. However, he is still managing to stay caught up. Robby is tempted to move Whitman up a grade so we can travel full time a year earlier. However, I told him that he would have to have a second half of a school day with Whitman to make that happen!
  • Robby soon left for the orthodontist with Campbell and Graham. They are both nearing the end of their braces journey. Though Campbell is going to have to have something done with one of her teeth since it is a little one where it should be a big one.
  • I left the same time as Robby because I had to go and pick up Anderson from Raymar. When he walked to the car, he was a sweaty mess! Thankfully, I had thought to bring a bottle of water at the very last minute. 
  • Back at home, there was some more school to finish up, and before too long we were all heading out again. This time we met the Wilson's at Dave and Busters. This was my first time to go along with Keaton, Campbell and Whitman's first times as well. When we entered, Whitman commented twice that it looked like a casino. I am not too sure when he has been in a casino, but yes it did.
  • We had a ton of points to spend and had a super big time playing all of the game today. All of the kids enjoyed it for sure. Of course with the games comes tickets to win. So the kids did get a few things in the gift shop-an icee cup is the most interesting item purchased and maybe it will be a good purchase.
  • When we left, I told Whitman that sometimes Nonna and Pops have taken the big boys for their birthdays. He was in awe about this and then asked why he had never gone before. I told him that now he knows and he could go there next time.
  • We had thought that we would go straight home afterwards, but we decided to go out to eat with the Wilsons. However, Keaton and Whitman had a swim party so we weren't too sure if we would have time to run home afterwards, so we went from Dave and Busters to the house.
  • There just a few of us ran in and grabbed what we were needed-and we were out of the white van and in the suburban and minivan within 4 minutes. We hustled over to Verona's which was closed. Then driving to the next supper stop, Don Pepes, the bottom fell out. I was driving behind Robby and I could not see him at all on the interstate. It was crazy, but soon it cleared and we made it safely to where we were going.
  • We ate supper with the Wilsons and enjoyed it. Then Reagan drove everyone including Brett home. Robby, Whitman, Keaton and I had an extra minute or two so we ran to Crumble cookie to try a few cookies. We even tried the ice cream-which I was a little bit disappointed about. I wanted it to be exceptional but it was regular.
  • Then we went to the kids pool party. They had such a good time there and enjoyed playing with everyone. Afterwards, it was back home. We had a few minutes before it was bedtime-there were a few showers and a few snacks, but tomorrow is another busy day! (I was mistakenly under the impression that things would slow down once school started-they have not yet, but maybe next week.)

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