August 8, 2022-First Day of School!

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  • So today was the first official day of school. I was up at 7:15 this morning and needed every bit of that hour and fifteen minutes before school started to get a few things done.
  • Of course, of all mornings I forgot to run the dishwasher last night. That could have set my just over the edge and began a bad day. However, it didn't. I still had plenty of dishes to put away from last night.
  • Bentley and I had to hurry on her first morning walk so I could get back in time to wake everyone up. Also Campbell wanted me to explain her math before I started working with people. 
  • At 8:30, everyone was awake, and I started the morning by doing speech and ACT work with Reagan, Anderson and Graham. We worked for about an hour while the others were doing some of their work.
  • Then I tried to help everyone else. Reagan had a fairly light load this year-psychology and stewardship here and then college algebra, computer science and english 3 at Comm Central. Anderson had quite a bit more-American history, economics, civics, health, english here and computer science at Comm Central. Graham probably has the most with English, apologetics, world history, fine arts and health plus biolog at Comm Central. 
  • By 11, I started doing my work together with Whitman, Keaton and Campbell. This is always my favorite part of the school day. Now, I did quickly realized I had way too many things to do in one hour, but we will still get them all accomplished by the end of the year (I hope!)
  • Soon it was lunch time, but Whitman and I worked together until 12:30. That boy did really great today, and finished everything that he needed to today. Since the day went so smoothly, I decided to reward the ones who wanted to go with a visit to the pool.
  • When we were about half way there, we could tell how things were going to end-rainy! All of our buddies were already leaving as we got there-the thunder and lightening had already started. Some o them had not even swam yet, but you could tell that the storm was set in for a little bit.
  • Indeed it was. The thunder was so loud as we ran into Home Depot after leaving the pool. Then running to the can in the monsoon afterwards was an adventure as well. As we were backing out the wind was so strong that it sent a buggy rolling righ towards us. There was no avoiding it, and now the mini van has a matching dent to Reagan's scrape at Sonic on the Suburban a long while back. 
  • Once at home, I realized that I had a lot of time left in the afternoon. I guess the kids weren't used to all of this extra time either-Anderson rode his bike, Graham played basketball, Keaton made a cake-they were all pretty productive. 
  • I was also productive in that I walked on the treadmill and even worked in the camper some before we started pulling out things for supper. We just had leftovers which seemed to appease everyone fairly well.
  • Then we did dive into Keaton's cake-I called it the first dessert becuase some people are going to have ice cream in a bit! Then it will be bedtime for this crew-and bedtime for me too!

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