August 17, 2022

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  • I was relieved to see that it was raining this morning. That meant that I could spend a few more moments in bed since Bentley and I couldn't go on a walk. I was glad about this, but later in the day I quickly changed my mind.
  • Bentley is used to two walks pretty early in the morning-one by me and one by Robby. Today, there was no walk, and she was crazy. Ever tried reading with a dog standing on your book and trying to shove their toy in your face. It's not easy, and when she wasn't in our faces, she was barking.
  • Even though I didn't have my walk this morning, I still had to rush around before school to get everything straight and ready for the day. And even though I didn't get those steps in this morning, I am sure that I have walked at least 10 thousand more steps that usual-of course, I really wouldn't know this becuase I didn't wear my watch today.
  • Everyone was here for school today, and those are my favorite days. I love my people being home. I have been the most stressed about Reagan's math class. I asked today if she needed any help-she said that she had worked at least 3 lessons and was ahead. She added that she also stayed up until 3 working on math last night.
  • For a while today, I thought that I would never finish with school, but soon people started finishing, and I survived. When school was over I headed to Nonna's house to drop off her pie with Graham, Keaton and Campbell. We visited for a while before coming home for a few minutes.
  • Then I left again with Robby, Keaton and Campbell. We made a few stops-Dollar General, Kroger, Kohls, Whole Foods, Sams and Walmart-needless to say we were gone a long time and came home with a trunk load of stuff. We were doing some speed shopping so there wasn't any time to find many fun things, but we did get everything off of our list-at least we think that we did.
  • As soon as we climbed out of the car, Robby started working on supper. While the pork tenderloin baked we worked as hard and fast as we could loading things in the camper. We had pretty much finished with loading and straightening when it was time to do some speed supper prep.
  • We all had a great meal-the kids say that pork tenderloin in their favorite meal. It was near the top for me as well. The other suggested favorite meal is orange chicken which comes completely from a bag!
  • We just finished eating Anderson's homemade key lime pie. It was very good. Well, most people had pie, some chickens had ice cream and didn't want to try anything new. Right now, we have about 20 minutes until bedtime, but I think that I could go to sleep right now.

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