Augut 28, 2022

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  • Sunday morning and Robby was already dressed by the time I was rolling out of bed. He moved a bit quicker this morning so he could take Bentley on a short walk before we had to leave for church. We were able to successfully get 8 kids out of the house in less than an hour this morning.
  • It does help that when people have friends over, they usually move faster. Plus the bonus room is so bright in the morning that they weren't really sleeping much since the sun was glaring down on them. And for some reason, the boys have started opening their blinds in the night so it is super bright on their side as well in the mornings-surely that light helps them move a bit quicker. (It doesn't help me though.)
  • Church and then Sunday school and then we headed to Grannymom's house for lunch. We ate and visited some before heading home for a little bit. Robby changed the camper's oil while I did a bit of sewing (which has me rethinking the quilt!) 
  • Reagan needed me to quickly hem her uniform shirts. She marked where she wanted them, and I did the first one. It was too short (she said so-not me). So I had to rip that out and do it again. Plus it took a good few minutes to get all of the thread working right in the machine. However, we were eventually able to successfully hem both jerseys. (They don't look bad but I was afraid to cut them just in case hemming your jersey was against the rules.)
  • Robby and I then took Keaton and Whitman to the pool for a little bit. They ended up staying longer with their buddies whild Robby and I took the Rock Creek kids to church. 
  • The road construction caused us to take forever to go to the pool so I told Reagan to leave super early for her scrimmage. She had a scrimmage tonight against Benton and two girls from church. Reagan was super proud of her team for winning 5-0. Though Reagan did say she threw up everywhere during the game and didn't play the second half. Bless her. I would have to assume a combination of exercise, heat and dehydration go to her. (She is currently fine since she is right now making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at 11)
  • After her game, she drove to the other side of the world to eat Mexican with some of her friends. She did say that she didn't eat, arrived super late and was still nasty from her game but had a good time.
  • This evening the Wilsons came over for supper-we had quesadillas and chicken tostados for our meal. I believe that the tostados are the crowd favorite around here. Shannon had a cake, and Keaton made brownies so we all left full.
  • After they left, I quickly picked up the kitchen before we herded everyone to bed. Tomorrow will be our 4th full week of school and Mondays come early!

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