August 29, 2022

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  • It wasn't exactly the worst thing ever, but I sure wasn't happy to wake up this morning and discover that I had forgotten to start the dishwasher last night. That isn't really the best way to start a Monday in my book. 
  • Thankfully though, the dishes were finished soon so I was able to survive the morning. It did help with the day a little bit because I worked with the big kids for a few minutes less than usual. Soon though our school day was almost over.
  • I say almost because after lunch, I still had a little bit of work to do with Whitman, Keaton, Anderson and Reagan-ha, almost everyone. Nothing took too long, and before I knew it I was stalling trying to avoid the treadmill.
  • I eventually did my treadmill walk before packing my Disney World bag (yes, it is a few months early, I know.) 
  • Keaton and Campbell joined us on a trip to Walmart after we dropped Reagan off at soccer practice tonight. The reason we went to the Walmart was because Robby had his eye on a clearance griddle/birthday present.
  • We picked that up and even did a little bit of shopping with the Wilsons who joined us there. Then Robby picked up Reagan from practice while Keaton, Campbell and I joined Tony and Shannon on a trip to Sams to find some bargains. No bargains were found-not even any bread.
  • Once we did make it home, Robby, Whitman and I took a little bit of a walk around the block with Bentley before we settled in for the evening. I believe that most folks here had some ice cream-I know that Bentley did for sure. 
  • Currently, Robby and I are watching a you tube video, Reagan just made a bagel with a freid egg, Anderson and Graham are on their xboxes, Campbell is working on school, Keaton did most of her school this afternoon so I am not sure what she is doin currently, and Whitman is watching his ipad. 

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