August 25, 2022

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  • For some reason I woke up at 6 this morning to go to the bathroom. I was wise enough to move my alarm back a few more minutes which I then proceeded to hit snooze a few times. Needless to say, this was the latest that we started school this year-8:40. 
  • That was fine since I was working with the big kids first and usually am done before 9:30. Then I moved on to working with everyone else as they need my help. However, at one point there was no one who did need my help so I just sat down and read some of my book. (Very little some of the book because as soon as I did sit down, people started to need me.)
  • Whitman did much better today. He was quite a bit more focused, but it also helped that he had less work to do today than the other days this week. I try to explain to the kids to do the hard things first and not to save the hard things-Whitman kind of gets it, but Campbell and Keaton do not get it at all. 
  • Graham and Reagan had school today. He just had one class where they disected a flower-fun times. Reagan also just had one class, but she goes early to take Graham and stayed during study hall. She came home pleased with herself becuase she taught people in her class how to do some math. This is not my child. When we were discussing this math change in her, she did say that she is applying herself now. That does make a big difference.
  • Campbell, Keaton and I left this afternoon for Walmart. There we bought some things to make a quilt. Keaton has been wanting a Disney quilt out of her old tshirts so that is the plan. I thought about having one made-the prices ranged from 400 dollars to well over a thousand. So I'm thinking with some blood, sweat and probably lots of tears we surely cane make something decent. It won't be a family heirloom or anything, but it will suffice. 
  • Then we headed to the pregnancy center for a little bit to help out. On the way home, we ran by church to drop something off, plus we made a stop at Dairy Queen for Campbell to use her gift card. And let's just say-Dairy Queen's ice cream isn't cheap. You can have a blizzard or a carton of Blue Bell. 
  • Once home, Keaton started on some mac and cheese to go along with our bbq for supper. After we ate, Robby and I took a walk with the dog. We try to walk her in the evenings now hopefully to get some of her energy out because when we sit down in our chairs, she constantly comes to us with her toys-if I have my computer in my lap, she wants to play. We always hope that the evening walk will help with that-it doesn't!

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