August 1, 2022-One Last Hurrah at the Beach Before School

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This morning I woke up to the sun blaring in my eyes. We have covers on everyone of the windows, but somehow there was a little sliver of light shining into my eyes. And that sliver of light was enough to wake me up, or maybe it was becuase Robby already got out of bed and was getting ready.

Either way, it was time for me to get up because it was time to hit the road. We did sleep until 7:30 so I think that it was a little bit after 8 when we finally did get on the road. The kids slept and slept this morning. 

Bentley was the only one that was awake for most of the ride. Robby and I listened to music along with a few podcasts. When we stopped for gas around 11, Graham was the only one stirring. Campbell and Whitman were in their beds on their ipads, but I don't think that other people were really moving.

During this stop though, most everyone did get out of their beds-except for Reagan. Keaton made her bed along with Anderson and Graham. The rest of the drive seemed long to me. I think it was becasue we were driving through small towns and had stop light after stop light to deal with.

Of course there was the Mobile tunnel and the bridges afterwards. I do not like bridges or tunnels, and I especially do not like bridges or tunnels in the camper. Soon though we were at Buccees. This was the first time that we had been to this Buccees and gracious me.

First, traffic getting into the place was crazy. It took a good few minutes, but Robby did zip through the parking lot like this wasn't his first buccess' visit. We got gas while Bentley pottied and then found a perfect parking spot.

We all went in, and when we entered the building the first thing we could hear was just a roar of people. It was so noisy because there were so many people. It was wild. I had to go to the restroom, and I had never seen a line for the bathrooms. There are at least 50 stalls, but today they even had a lady directing you to the next available one.

We found a few things-cokes, icees, kolaches, beaver tails (a pastry), scones, chopped brisket sandwich, sliced brisket sandwich, bbq sandwich, chicken sandwich, salad and hot kettle chips. Yes, all of that wasn't cheap, but we did enjoy our lunch (it was after 3 by then) in the camper listening to the rain on the roof.

From Buccees we just had to go about 45 minutes to make it to the Gulf State Park. Seriously, I am currently very impressed with this place. We found our spot which is more towards the front of the campground which is excellent-we can ride bikes to the beach. Graham, Campbell and Keaton headed off to do this as soon as we were set up. I had to call to give Graham better directions, but then he found it with no problem. We can walk to the beach which is what Reagan, Robby, Bentley and I did while the others were at the beach.

We actually met them as they were on their way back. It was pretty hot, but Reagan and I did make it down to the water. We stuck our toes in, but today it is pretty seaweedy-kind of looks like the water is the color of coca cola. Robby didn't get to the water since he had to stop at the boardwalk with Bentley. 

And from our site we can also walk to the pool which is what we did when we returned from the beach. We were super sweaty so everyone enjoyed the pool-Cambpell, Keaton, Whitman and Robby all swam. I sat nearby and watch the storm get closer and closer. 

I did get the kids out just a few minutes before it started raining. We then drove Keaton and Campbell to a bathhouse (Campbell really wanted to take a shower there and not in the camper). We also drove a bike back-they have complimentary bikes to use which is quite fun. We picked one up on the way back to the campground from the beach. Robby rode some, but I have more fun on it than him. We met Anderson riding his bike on the way back, so I followed him on some trails back to the camper. 

And yes, we did drive the bike back. It was raining, but also we found out that the only places to return the bike were further away than where we picked it up which was a mile from the camper. I had told Robby that I didn't mind walking with him to put it up, but the rain did change all of that.

Once we were all back, the rain had stopped. It is going to rain enough tonight that we can't hang our clothes outside to dry so we have towels and bathing suits hanging all over this place. For supper, we pulled out Shannon's chicken pasta dish. We attemped to make it-I think that overall, they said that ours was fine. Robby did think that we needed more cheese, but I do think that everyone was pleased with the meal. We even have leftovers for someone's lunch tomorrow.

So what did we do at 9:30 after supper? Make our beds and climb into them. Seriously, we were all pretty tired after being in the car, walking and riding bikes and even swimming some. It has been an excellent day-I was even a bit sad to think that we will be heading home in just a few days. I really like longer trips better!

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