August 24, 2022

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  • School day, and Wednesdays are one of my favorites becuase everyone is around all the day long. I think that the big boys are getting into the hang of school. They must not have felt stressed about their school work today becuase they spend a good while fooling around in the school room.
  • That would be fine becuase they can and do finish their school work eventually. Whitman, however, was still in the school room and was pretty crazy distracted. And when I say distracted-he was still doing school at 3:30. After noon, I do have him rotate between breaks and school work until he finishes so I am not too much of a monster.
  • The boys do their school work downstairs right in the middle of everything while Reagan is upstairs and for half of the day, I wasn't sure if she had gone back to sleep or not. Thankfully, she was working hard for at least some of the morning-I do think she did have at least one nap this morning!
  • The afternoon flew by-I was still managing Whitman's school work plus a walk on the treadmill. And I may have snuck off and finished my book so I could start on my new one today.
  • We went to church tonight and that is why I am now sitting in my living room freezing from my wet clothes and wet hair. On the way to church we stopped at the library, and I picked up a zillion books which just makes my heart happy.
  • Then since we were a bit early to church, the kids all helped me get some things ready for Sunday school. Aftewards, the big 4 headed off to Verge for the evening-free pizza tonight (but you did have to buy your own drinks.)
  • They all had a great time tonight, and there were lots of friends there tonight. Keaton, Whitman, and I headed to Midweek where we eventually went outside for water games. Water games would have been just fine, but the rain that came along with water day was not just fine. 
  • The kids loved it; the adults not so much. I even thought about joining the choir tonight-I think that they stay warm and dry on Wednesday nights. We also had lots of kids tonight, and things were crazy-but a good crazy.
  • Anyhow, that is why I am wet, cold and about to pour me a cup of hot chocolate while I watch some youtube vidoes.

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