August 23, 2022

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  • Robby had to wake me up this morning because my phone alarm kept ringing trying to wake me up. I guess that I was sleeping pretty soundly; just like Bentley was when I tried to wake her up a little bit later in the morning.
  • We did our walk, and then came home and started waking everyone else up. There was no one that was up quicly and happily. Everyone was dragging this morning.
  • There was at least some entertainment during our school morning-the water company was digging in front of our neighbor's driveway. This led to water spewing everywhere, our water being shut off and a gas leak. Of course this meant there were lots and lots of workers around all day long. 
  • Our water was off until about 2. This could have been more of an issue, but the camper had a full tank of water. Graham was planning on taking a shower this morning before school so he went out there. Then Robby did as well when he wanted a shower. And after all of the potties had been flushed and no water left in the tanks, the camper potty became the go to.
  • So when Reagan left for school with the boys, she had to avoid all of the cars on our street and go out the driveway. Plus she also had to go the long way to church to avoid where they are repaving the roads. 
  • When I picked the boys up from school, I forget about going the long way, and we had to wait for almost 15 minutes until it was our turn to go through the construction. Later in the day, when Reagan came home, she did remember to go the other way, but after her emergency stop at Dollar General for cocoa powder, there was a wreck in the curve on the way home-thankfully she didn't have to turn around and head home the other way.
  • The afternoon was fairly uneventful around here. The kids did some homework-some is the prime word now. Robby and I worked on the great camper rearranging. Seriously, we spend more time organizing things in the camper than anything else.
  • I walked on the treadmill and finished just as Robby was getting supper ready. We ate, and then half of us rushed out the door. Campbell, Keaton and Whitman joined Robby and I at the movies.
  • Tonight we saw ET. It was 40 years ago that ET first came out. I remember my mom taking us to see it-she also bought Reeses Pieces for us to eat. Well, tonight it was kind of last minute that we were going so I didn't have time to buy any, but I did find a tiny pack in one of my candy stashes that we split-I think we were all able to have 4 apiece.
  • After the movie we came home and had a few minutes of down time before it was finally time to put these children into bed!

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