August 18, 2022-Let's Go to Branson This Weekend

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Since it was a trip morning, we were both stirring a little bit earlier than usual. I did the dishes and laundry, and then Bentley and I went on our morning walk. Once I was back, it was time to wake up the kids.

I worked with the big 3 before starting with everyone else. Reagan took Graham to school this morning. She likes going early so she can sit in study hall and finish some work, and I like that it is one less trip we have to make.

It was a bit chaotic today trying to finish our school plus make sure that we had everything for the next few days loaded in the camper. I think that they were a bit excited about being home by themselves-hopefully, they will remember to do a few things around the house. (I would think that they would since they have a tendancy to step up when needed; however, I know that I just jinxed it all too.)

I picked up Graham at 11:40, and when I returned home everyone was in the camper ready to leave. Robby was sitting in the driver's seat eating chicken spaghetti since it was lunch time. We were soon on the road the Branso with just the three little kiddos. 

We stopped once on the way here for gas and a potty break for Robby. Keaton slept some, Campbell sat in the front some, and we all looked at Disney shirts planning what we just might make. The campground is pretty empty, but it is perfect for us. The lady told Robby a few times that he could change spots if he wanted. She was worried that we were without shade. However, it is a decently shaded spot, and we do have two air conditioners so we good!

We unhooked the car, parked and got set up fairly quickly. Then we loaded up and headed to Silver Dollar City. It is always kind of odd to be walking in the park as most people were leaving. It was 4:30 and they closed at 6. 

It worked well for us. In that short amount of time the kids rode Time Traveler, Wildfire twice, Fire in the Hole, American Plunge and the crazy wet new water ride plus we had cinnamon bread. The cinnamon bread was definitely the best part for sure. 

We came back to the camper and started on supper-bbq sandwiches along with french fries. As we were getting supper ready, the Crafts pulled in to their campsite. They are right across the road from us so it is perfect. We visited while we all ate, and then the kids headed to the pool.

Apparently it was ice cold, but they stayed in a super long time. Whitman started out just playing at the playground, but soon he headed for the pool to join all of the girls too. After all the swimming the kids could handle, they went back to shower.

The grownups stayed outside visiting while the kids all played cards down the way. So they had a great time, and so did we. The camper was a mess when we came back in tonight since we hadn't picked up from supper, but it never does take too long to straighten. 

The kids had a snack and got in their beds. Then Robby and I had a huge cookie before he sat down to do some computering, and I started to work on the blog.

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