August 14, 2022

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  •  I dreamed all night last night about moving out of my dorm room. I remembered rolling up a rug in my dream and shoving boxes into the car. Thing is, I don't actually remember ever moving out of my dorm rooms. I remember moving in the first year, but I guess that I have blocked all of that from my memory or my parents just did it for me.
  • So with my dreaming, my coughing, and my having to get up and go to the bathroom, I am not too sure that I rested well. I was able to stay in the bed a few minutes longer since I didn't have to wash my hair like I do on most Sunday mornings.
  • Today was promotion day at church. Everyone has at least some new teachers. I believe that I have half of my kids pleased and the other half are ambivalent or not too sure about the upcoming Sunday school year. My little Sunday school class is still precious, so I'm excited about the upcoming Sunday school year.
  • After church, we went to Grannymom's house to eat. We ate and visited. My mom did ask tonight what we had for Sunday lunch so she wouldn't duplicate it next week. I reminded her that we are thankful for all of our Sunday meals and that they are all delicious.
  • As soon as we did come home, Robby and I turned back around and left. The suburban and white van needed gas so we ran to Kroger to get gas. Robby had to go to Costco to get some more gas since he had used up all of the Kroger points.
  • I took a tiny nap this afternoon, but soon ended up working on my week's list-mainly becuase it sounded like there was a slew of raccoons in the kitchen going through my dishes. It was actually just Whitman getting a bowl out for his popcorn, but it was super crazy loud.
  • Soon it was time for Reagan to go to church to work keeping kids and the boys accompanied her to go to the prayer service tonight. Campbell went to Rock Creek-I took and picked her up. When we did pick her up, she walked out wtih a backpack. I didn't remember dropping her off with a backpack; she had won it.
  • Campbell won a backpack filled with school supplies and over 200 dollars in gift cards. She was super excited about it. When she came home, I made her lay it all out so we could see every single thing.
  • Once everyone did make it to the house tonight, they heated up some pizza and Keaton made some grilled cheese. Robby and I are currently watching our Sunday night youtube, and hopefully there will be some ice cream soon. 

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