August 22, 2022

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  • I was sure hoping that it was raining this morning, but alas it was not so Bentley and I had to get up and go on our morning walk. Each morning, I am the first one up and wake to do my few little chores. Then I have to go in our room to wake the dog up, and as soon as she comes out of her cage, I harness her up and we go on our walk. Some days I think that she is still so sleepy that she doesn't know where we are going or what we are doing.
  • School went fairly well today. Whitman did pretty good, but I think that he is starting to rely a little bit too much on Keaton. When she is finished with her work, she movs on to helping him. Sometimes she does just redirect him, but sometimes I think that she might do just a bit of his work for him. This is not good for him, but I guess it is extra practice for her.
  • Reagan and Anderson both had a good bit of computer science to do today. They did it together and tried for me to help them. However, after the first question I quickly said that I was out and didn't have any more knowledge on the subject.
  • Campbell and Graham worked on their work fairly steadily this morning. They both finished at a decent time today without any drama. Campbell did get super distracted trying to activate her gift card that she won the other day. She worked on my phone for like 30 minutes-I eventually had to tell her to do it later and start on her school work.
  • After school was over, it was almost 2 for me. I worked some in the camper on the great rearranging project that we have going on. It just seems to take quite a bit of time to figure out exactly what we want where. And what works on some trips doesn't work on other trips.
  • I even managed to walk on the treadmill today-3 miles on the treadmill, 1 mile this morning with Bentley, and one more tonight with Keaton, Whitman, Bentley and Robby so five miles today. I need to do at least that every single day. 
  • After my treadmill, we all loaded up to go to Nonna and Pops' house for supper. We missed yesterday so they made supper for us tonight. They had bbq sandwiches for us which were delicious. We visited for a while before we finally headed home. 
  • The kids scatted at home-Keaton and Whitman on a walk with us, Graham and Anderson to played basketball, Reagan to the shower and I'm not sure what Campbell has done. She was outside after our walk so maybe she joined the boys in their game.
  • Currently, Anderson and Reagan just finished their showering, and Keaton is working on her school work as she does every night to get ahead. I wish some other folks here had that most motivation!

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