August 16, 2022

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  • Today was the second Tuesday for Comm Central. This is the day that everyone goes, and Reagan has all of her classes. They all were ready at the same time, and the boys even did some school work this morning.
  • Graham had his first test today, and he felt like he did just fine. Reagan was able to see some of her college algebra, and she didn't seemed to panicked so that is a good thing. I think this semester will fairly smoothly for them which is good since we will be out of town a good little bit as well.
  • Everyone else had a good day of school here. Whitman has set a goal for himself to finish his school by noon. He does have a lot of things this year, but he has been meeting his goal. Now, Keaton and I both do a lot of redirecting him and shoving his next thing to do towards him so he doesn't get distracted.
  • Robby picked up Graham and Anderson from school, and then dropped Anderson off at Raymar to paint the fields. He came home absolutely drenched in sweat-which a little bit of hard work isn't a bad thing at all.
  • When Anderson did come home, he showered of course, and then helped make his dessert for the grandparents. We had never made this dessert before so we shall see if it is edible tomorrow. Keaton was busy in the kitchen too today because she made herself a fancy quesadilla for lunch, helped Anderson bake, and even helped make supper again this evening.
  • We all had supper together-waffles and sausage. I had been wanting to work on our menu planning last week, and Robby has been the one planning our meals this week. 
  • Ater supper, Robby and I ran to Grannymom's house for a little bit and then on to the store. When we left, there was a massive water balloon fight going on outside-Anderson, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman were all involved. 
  • Graham has also set his old xbox up in the bonus room for the girls to play on. I think that they have done that a little bit today, but it will be interesting to see how much they end up using it.
  • When Robby and I did get home tonight, we went for a short little walk with Bentley. It was dark, dark outside, but Robby's flashlight was incredibly bright. 
  • After our walk, we cane in for the evening. There were a few folks having a snack and a few more showers to be taken. I'm working on the blog before cuddling up with my blanket and starting me new book.

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