August 20, 2022-Let's Go to Branson This Weekend

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Another day at the City-Silver Dollar City-for us. We again woke up and were on the road at 9:15. Anna spent the night with us, and all of the girls were up and ready in no time at all. This is one of the perks of traveling with friends-people want to get up and get ready quickly so they can be with their buddies.

Now, before we did leave and before we even climbed out of bed, Robby and I were discussing the cinnamon roll shop he saw yesterday right near this campground. He wondered aloud of they would be open tomorrow, and I quickly checked.

Since they aren't open on Sundays, Robby suggested that he go and pick some up. To this I certainly agreed, and got up and got ready quickly. I didn't need friends to move faster in the mornings, I just need cinnamon rolls.

They were delicious-and I will have me another half in a little bit for my bedtime snack. I had wondered if they were the same cinnamon rolls from SDC, but I don't believe so. These are pretty wonderful. We ate and soon did leave for the park.

We could tell quickly that it was much more crowded today. However, that really never changed things too much. The kids were able to do most things with just a bit longer wait time, but some things were still no wait at all. 

I wrote out a list of what all we did today, but it is on my phone which is about 3 feet away from me, so I will just try to do this all from memory. The first thing that we did was Mystic River again. The kids really all enjoy this-though getting wet first thing in the morning probably isn't the wisest thing. 

They rode that three times before Campbell and Keaton went with the others to the swings area to ride a few rides. We took Whitman, Maia and Gabriel to the tree house area that Whitman had been wanting to see. They played for a little bit, and the Craft kids rode the carousel. Afterwards, we all went to the Flooded Mine, but Whitman and I peeled off to meet the others at Time Travler.

After that, they rode Thunderation-there was one other kid in our group today that rides most roller coasters, but my kiddos were the only ones who ride every single thing. Next up was Fire in the Hole followed by lunch (2 huge chicken strip kids' meals which only cost a total of 12 for the kids and a skillet meal for Robby and I.) 

The kids did run and ride Wildfire before going on the American Plunge. At some point Keaton and Sophia went on their own again today with my phone. This did make things a little bit difficult since during this time Robby was also gone to take Bentley on a walk. I was able to keep tabs of the girls and the adults fairly well.

During all of this, most kids with us went back to the water ride, but since the line was incredibly long now, Campbell opted to take Whitman to the Barnswings and Outlaw Run. Soon we finished this and met back up with the others including Robby.

This is where my memory gets a little bit fuzzy. I am not too sure what we did next There was some more rides in the swings area. Actually we did spend a lot of time there-the kids had a blast riding the little ries and Whitman had a blast eating icee after icee. (We have a cup that makes icees and all drinks free at the park.)

From this area, we went to try to ride one last ride, but after they waited in line, the ride was shut down. So back to Fire in the Hole and then we all mosied to the exit. On the way out, Campbell bought a shirt. And we headed straight back to the camper.

The kids all showered and so did Robby. Then we made our air fryer pizzas for supper. Afterwards, we had a good long time to just chill, and it has been wonderful. 

Meanwhile, Reagan, Anderson and Graham came back from their overnight retreat. Reagan arrived a church a good little bit before the boys. And even though they all had supper at their retreats, they did stop by ChickFilA on the way home tonight. I have encouraged them to do their laundry so hopefully that is happening now at the house!

It should be actually happening here at the campsite, but we can do it when we get home tomorrow!

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