August 13, 2022

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  • Poor Bentley didn't get her walk this morning. Instead she slept a little bit later with the rest of us in the house. I think that she certainly enjoyed sleeping later becuase I sure did. When we finally did get up, I worked on the laundry and dishes before anything else.
  • When we went to bed last night, Robby was worried about the air conditioner since it wasn't working. It was just the one downstairs so that wasn't a huge cause for alarm (for me, anyway). Robby spent a good deal of the later evening checking things, flipping breakers and even laying hands over the air conditioner (not really, well, yes, he probably did!)
  • It didn't work all night; we stayed perfectly comfortable though. However, when Robby did look at it this morning, everything was well and working just fine.
  • Soon this morning, Robby and I left to: Pick up Keaton, Sophia and Maia from one house, then we dropped Sophia and Maia off and picked up Lily from another house, and finally we dropped off Lily and picked up Anderson and Graham at the last house. I practically needed a flow chart to keep up with who went where-thankfully, that no children were left behind.
  • Once at home, Robby and I ate supper before leaving with Keaton to Costco. We pretty much walked up and down every single aisle today. You know what we bought? Nothing. I am not sure why but there was nothing that spoke to us. 
  • We did go to Kroger next door-there we bought cheese, butter, more ice cream and popsicles. But that was still a pitiful little purchase too. I wanted to buy something fun, but there were no fun items today.
  • Once we did come home, I helped Graham with some schooling. Then it was time to get this place wedding ready. Most of the boys put on their clothes pretty early, so I just had to make sure their hair looked decent.
  • I had my shower and put on my dress, and we left for the evening. It was a fun wedding-lots of food, music and friends. I think all of the kids really enjoyed it since all of the big kids had buddies there. 
  • We stayed until the bitter end and even held the sparklers at the end. I think that certainly a good time was had by everyone. Once we made it home, some folks had a dessert-though I wonder if they also had cake at the wedding? 
  • Soon it will be lights out here becuase tomorrow morning is promotion Sunday!

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