August 3, 2022-One Last Hurrah at the Beach Before School

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I did fix my window blind problem so I had no sliver on sunshine on my eyes this morning. This was a good thing becuase I slept wonderfully well last night along with everyone else in this camper. We weren't stirring very quickly this morning for sure,

Robby was the first to urge everyone to move since the sun was indeed shining today, and we didn't have a whole lot of that yesterday. We made pancakes inside the camper becuase we were still being lazy. Though chocolate chip pancakes, orange juice and sausage for breakfast isn't really too much of a slacker breakfast.

After breakfast, we did start moving towards the beach. We had to do some straightening and walk Bentely, but by noon we were heading that way. Yes, noon-we are living on island time. The beach was much more crowded today, but we still found a spot without a problem.

Robby had brought a little tent which helped for the two people that could sit underneath it-which included Robby, then Robby and me, then me and Anderson. The water was a little more chilly today-there were yellow flags along with purple ones. Thankfully, today there were no jelly fish stings.

The waves weren't huge, but the kids did enjoy playing with their boogie boards. We didn't build any sandcastles today, but there was still some hole digging. I didn't get out the sandcastle stuff, becuase I had gotten in the ocean and then didn't want to sit on the sand and get sandy. Though I did sit on a float on the sand and still ended up pretty sandy.

I thought that we had done sunscreen fairly well, but quite a few of us are pretty pink (Reagan, Keaton and Whitman's faces, Anderson's arms, and Campbell's back). However, I think that no one is really red so it should all be gone by in the morning-just in time for us to go to the beach again.

We stayed about 2 hours at the beach which is the perfect time for us to stay. Now, we might could have stayed longer if we had a huge tent and chairs for everyone along with an ice chest filled with goodies. However, I do think that most folks were ready to go when we did leave.

We went back to the camper. There we set up the tent and had lunch outside. It was pretty sunny, but the tent made all the difference in the world. It was almost comfortable under the shaded tent. Lunch consisted of sandwiches for most, Anderson and Whitman had a pizza like last night, Keaton had a sliced cheesestick on pepperoni slices along with a peach.

Whitman, Keaton and Campbell then went to the pool with Robby and I. Robby did put another load of laundry in while they were swimming. While Robby was putting the laundry in the dryer, Campbell headed back to the camper for her shower. He brougth back a lemonad slush for him and a huge chocoalte shake for me. They were delicious! (Seriously, I have had about 5000 caolories today).

Keaton and Whitman headed back to the campsite by themselves-on their bikes. Let's pause here in the blog and talk about the bikes. This place is a biker's heaven-there are miles and miles of trials. The kids have rode quite a bit today at different times. Now, Whitman is not a huge bike rider, but once we encourage (force) him to do it-he does have fun. Even Reagan rode bikes tonight for a good while with Keaton. 

After they left to go back to the campsite, Robby and I stayed at the pool. We were sitting in lounge chairs in the shade with a cool breeze happening-why would we leave? Plus he had laundry drying so we needed to stay a few more minutes. I read my book and he worked on his computer so we were productive. 

Once back at the camper, I folded laundry while people did some school (yes, I'm a monster!) and rode bikes. Then we loaded up for supper. We headed to Fort Morgan first to possibly eat at Tacky Jacks. The wait was over an hour so we passed on that and stopped at a place we saw on the way there.

It was some condo complex that had about 5 food trucks in front of it with live music happening and games. We had a sampling of food-gyros, bbq, quesadillas and even banana pudding. After eating, we played some games while listening to the music.

Then it was time to head back to town. Of course, we had to stop at Matt's Ice Cream for some ice cream. Robby and I did split, but everyone else had their own scoop. Keaton was the only one who didn't have any ice cream-she had a homemade reeces peanut butter cup instead. We actually bought 2 of those, and Robby is cutting ours in half right now. 

Of course, the girls wanted to find some souveneirs. We went to two of those giant stores, but Campbell was the only one who was able to find something. She wanted two things, but I said one was plenty. Keaton really wanted something too, but could never find anything that she wanted. 

Back at the campsite, we walked Bentley a bit while Keaton and Reagan rode bikes. Then it was time to make beds and get these people in their spots. I had a shower earlier today, but I just might take another one or I may read another chapter of my book.

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