August 26, 2022

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  • On Friday we usually do not do that much school around here. Of course the high schoolers have a little bit of school to do, but the others don't really have too much. However, despite the lack of school today, it was a pretty busy day.
  • We could have slept in this morning, but the air conditioner man was coming over early this morning. The upstairs air wasn't working consistently last night, so a repair was in order.
  • The worker man was here most of the morning long-and left with almost a grand of ours in his pocket. He had to do two things to the upstairs one and even did something to the downstairs one. And yes, most of today's work would have been covered in the warranty had these things happened last year!
  • I took my walk, emptied my dishes, and folded my clothes before I started to pull out school for next week. Around this time, Graham was downstairs. And bless him, he had a headache, but which them progressed to a tummy ache. Thankfully, he recovered well after a 3 hour nap.
  • The next item on the list was quilt making. For some reason, I have told Keaton that we can make a quilt out of her Disney shirts. Just so you know, I don't really know how to make a quilt! We are just winging it. Today we did cut out the tshirts and ironed a backing on them.
  • I think that we can do a decent job at this quilt, but then again I am not too sure. Exactness when it comes to sewing is not my forte, but maybe things will work out. Fingers crossed!
  • After our quilting, I read history and science with the three littles before Campbell did some science work with them. Soon it Campbell was making salt dough to make an impression of Bentley's feet while I was trying to make people sample the ice cream that I made this morning (Chocolate penaut butter which was extremely rich).
  • At some point, I did decide to take a nap. I laid my head down for 30 minutes and during those 30 minutes there was a ball game happening in the hallway, a salt gun being used to shoot people, and lots of commotion happening the entire time. It wasn't a restful nap, but I still enjoy the commotion around here.
  • Robby, Whitman, Keaton, Anderson and I ran a few errands this afternoon. Kohls to return something, Academy to exchange shoes for Anderson, Micheals to look for one thing without success, Great Clips for a hair cut for Whitman, Walmart for a few things, Sams for chicken and a Lego thing for Anderson, and Costco for pizza for supper.
  • While we were gone, Reagan headed out for an evening with her friends. Right now she is at a friend's house hanging out after pizza for supper.
  • Robby and I just had our dessert and are now watching some travel videos. 

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