August 21, 2022-Let's Go to Branson This Weekend!

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Last night it rained and rained and was absolutely perfect. Now, after one clap of thunder Bentley did jump. It was going to continue to thunder so I was worried that she was going to get upset, but she didn't seem to startle anymore during the storm. I did keep my hand on her for a good long time afterwards.

I did wake up first this morning, but it was probably becuase I set my alarm clock. I then turned it off, but I couldn't go back to sleep so I did some playing on my phone. Soon Robby was up, and we were starting on our morning routine. 

We were on the road by 9:15. It is not that we were anxious to get home, but we were anxious to get home! It doesn't seem to take too long for us to get everything ready to go even though there are lot of pieces to make that happen. I even unmade our bed and gathered the towels so the laundry could be easy to grab when we did make it home.

The ride was fairly uneventful on the way home. We all had breakfast as we left, and when we were nearing home, we all had lunch. And yes, I had so, so much food in that camper that we barely touched. We are just no good at properly planning food for camping. We are over preparers for sure. I guess you could say that we are just a bit extra in a lot of categories.

On the way there, we started listening to a book and heard one chapter, but we forgot about it on the way home. We didn't even listen to the podcast that we have been listening to. We spend most of our time listening to vidoes about planning a disney trip. 

Once at home, the kids helped unload-well, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman did, but we sure didn't see Reagan, Anderson and Graham until the camper was unloaded. It didn't take long at all since I had done that bit of prep work. 

After the camper was emptied, I worked on the inside of the house along with pulling out school while Robby went to town on cleaning the inside of the camper. We had a bit of downtime, but soon we ended up back in the camper rearranging things-like taking everything out of shelves and laying it on the bed. So our once clean and organized camper which was ready for the next trip is again a mess. That is fine though becuase we will work on it all tomorrow some more.

Campbell, Anderson and Graham went to Rock Creek tonight with Brett. When church was over, we all met at the Wilson's house for a supper to celebrate the start of school. Corn casserole was on the menu which was a favorite for quite a few people. 

We stayed and visited while the boys picked out their football players for fantasy football with some of their friends. Then it was home where there was a few minutes of downtime before everyone started to head to bed. Tomorow is our third week of school-and I really love school! (I love finishing things though we are no where near finishing anything, I love a routine, I love being together, I love the predicability of it all-there are so many things that I love about school.) (There are also quite a few things that I do not love about school, but that list won't encourage me on a Sunday night!)

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