August 5, 2022-One Last Hurrah at the Beach Before School

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The last day of a trip is always the saddest day of the trip. Though there isn't much complaining happening from me-we all agreed the trip was great, we all had fun, and we made it safely home. This morning started with Robby tapping to wake me up this morning.

He then finished in the bathroom while I sat up in the bed trying to figure out what I was going to put on. Sorry, Mom, but I did opt to wear my pajamas-I did add socks and undergarments, but I figured since no one would see me today, I just kept on the same pair of pjs that I had been wearing. It did make the getting ready time quicker-but no need to worry, I did comb my hair and fix my face so I wasn't completely unkept.

Bentley pottied with me while Robby unhooked everything. Then we pulled out of the campsite. I threw a bag of trash away before we loaded up the car. We tried something different with the straps today-they are newish, and we haven't been too pleased. Thankfully, the fix today worked so all was well (Anytime we get home with the camper and the van, we are acually pleased.)

We pulled out of the campground at exactly 7. Then it was down the road we went. We stopped twice for Robby to go to the restroom and once for gas. Other than that, there was no stopped. Some of the kids kind of wanted to stop again at Buccees, but since we passed it before 8, we opted not to stop.

Everything went smoothly today. I know that Anderson was asleep until 11. Graham didn't make it that long because whenever I had to get something from the back, I had to crawl over him. Also when Bentley would get bored with us in the front, she would crawl on his bed and usually that meant crawling over his head to get to the bed.

We didn't see Reagan until around 2. I guess she had slept pretty well-or has an incredibly strong bladder. Whitman had been up and down a few times for the bathroom and food. Today was a highlight for him becuase he asked for popcorn and was surprised that I had it and could make it while driving down the road. 

Once we did make it home, everyone went to town unloading stuff. It takes about an hour to get the camper emptied and the car emptied. Really, it probably even takes less time than that. Just imagine everything that can be washed has to go in the house plus everything in the fridge and freezer along with all food that hs been opened and all food that we are in short supply of in the house. 

After unloading, I didn't clean the camper tonight-there will be time tomorrow for that. Instead, I tried to keep the laundry going in the house. I think that I have managed to wash 6 loads of laundry, but I still probably have about 4 or 5 more (think blankets and sleeping bags).

We did supper on your own tonight-Campbell had leftover pasta, Keaton made her and Reagan new pasta, boys, Robby and I had frozen pizza. I worked on school some and now the evening is just about gone. 

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