August 4, 2022-One Last Hurrah at the Beach Before School

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The sun was shining this morning, and it did for most of the day. The only time the sun didn't shine was when we had laid a few things out to dry this afternoon-that is when the rain came. The first thing on the list for this morning was changing sites.

Robby wasn't able to book a site for all 4 nights were since this was kind of a last minute deal, so he had to book two different sites. It wasn't too much of a problem to move sites since we were just moving a few spots down the road. 

The kids road the bikes. I carried some things. Robby carried some things and some things we just shoved in the car. It took probably around 30 minutes from spot to spot so that wasn't bad at all. After we had re-settled in, we started on our breakfasts. 

Again, can we just stop and talk about how much food we bring compared to how much food we actually eat. For exampled, there have been 2 bagels eaten while I brought a dozen. Most things are like that-it is almost silly. We could stay another week before really needing to go to the store. Now, I do take that back since we would need bread tomorrow if we were going to have sandwiches. My kids will never look back on their time in the camper and think that they were hungry. They will always remember food being stuffed in every cabinet and drawer.

We made it to the beach this morning around noon. It was hot! It was actually so hot that I got in the water first. Then I did stay under the tent for a good little bit. It was nice under there-not so nice in the sun. The kids enjoyed the waves again today. And yes, there was more hole digging. 

I don't think that we staye as long today as we did yesterday, but everyone still had fun. Keaton really wanted to ride her bike to the beach so Robby rode with her. On the return trip him Keaton and Campbell rode their bikes back to the camper.

Bikes-they have all rode again today. Graham took a ride this afternoon around the huge lake. He figured that he went at least 6 miles. Later in the evening, he went again with Anderson and Campbell and they rode at least 4. I am so glad that we are able to bring their bikes because they have gotten their use out of them this week.

On the way back from the beach, Anderson and Graham went to the camper and everyone else met at the pool. They all swam some while Robby put a load of clothes in the wash and came back with drinks and snacks for us. Reagan didn't last too much longer after that. Then Campbell, Keaton and Whitman decided to retunr to the camper. That was fine with us-we were in the shade with the excellent breeze again blowing so we just sat there and waited on the laundry. I almost finihsed my book, but needed about 10 more minutes.

After the laundry was finished, we went exploring to Orange Beach. Everyone but Campbell and Whitman wanted to go. First order of business was gas for the car, then we drove around until we stopped at a grocery store. There we bought peaches, cherries, no bread (it was double what we pay at home at Sams/Costco), and ice cream. 

When we made it back to the camper, Robby started on supper. I worked on getting things straightened inside and helping get supper outside. We had quesadillas which is a favorite of mine and Robbys. I think that the kids may be tired of them since we have them most of the times we travel. They are easy and nothing is every wasted becuase people eat the leftovers.

After we had cleaned up our supper mess, Robby and I went on a walk with Bentley. It started out light, but by the time we returned 45 minutes later, it was not light. There are aligators here-I didn't like not being able to see too well. I figured that they would go for the dog, but I did remind Robby that I could and I would outrun him if necessary. Our walk was so long becuase we were picking out our site for the next time that we come here.

When we did get back to the campsite, it was dark and it was crab hunting time. It didn't take anytime for the kids to find shovels, buckets and flashlights. What did take some time was finding parking at the beach. We eventually did, and within 2 minutes of being on the sand crabs were being caught.

That was good because that meant that we wouldn't have to spend all the night long looking for crabs. There were lots of things that the kids found on the beach-a shoe, a shovel and a dead fish. One of those Anderson kept holding and swinging at his siblings. It wasn't the shovel or the shoe. Boys!

The crab hunting was fun-Campbell and Graham were excellent at it. She didn't want to let them go, but I insisted. Robby and I had a bit more packing up to do; then it was ice cream time. We had cookie dough and waffle cone flavored ice cream along with cones. Our freezer doesn't keep things super frozen so the ice cream was a little soft, but that just meant that we got more since it was so easy to scoop.

We are now loaded up with one slide pulled in and the other will be when I finish with my shower in just a bit. We are going to leave super early in the morning, but we will get on the road sooner than we have been getting to the beach each morning. I will definitly say that this trip has been a success-maybe I undestand why people come to the beach every year. 

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