August 6, 2022

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  • I laid in bed this morning with the covers over my head because I was trying to avoid getting up and starting the day. I am not usually like that at all, but I kind of dreaded the mound of laundry waiting on me.
  • Thankfully, it wasn't as massive as I had expected plus Robby did help me fold it all. Actually, he probably folded more than I did because I kept having to fix strings in shorts and fix bathing suits. It didn't take long-the part of the laundry that took me the longest today was hauling 4 loads of blankets and towels back to the camper. I didn't put all of that up, but just threw it on the couch and table for me to do tomorrow.
  • Robby's first task this morning was mowing the yard. It zoomed around getting things cut quickly. While he was doing that, I worked on cleaning the camper. It usually doesn't take too long, but I had the shop vac and went to town vaccuming up every nook and cranny of that thing.
  • After cleaning the camper, I came in to help the girls-Campbell was making no bake chocolate cookes, and Keaton was making chocolate chip cookies so as you can imagine the kitchen was a busy, and messy place. I am glad though that the girls can make a big mess in the kitchen, but they can also clean up most of that big mess.
  • Once they finished in the kitchen, then Keaton and Campbell went to work on the outside-sweeping the trampoline and cleaning the gaga pit. Then I helped them work on putting up the volleyball net. When Keaton got the volleyball net, we didn't think that it was the best thing and didn't seem sturdy-but here we are a year later, still using it, and the kids are still loving it.
  • Keaton, Robby and I then went to Costco for waters (we didn't find anything else fun there except a pizza for a late lunch). Then to Kroger where we didn't really have anything on the list and came home with a buggy full. Next stop was the Kroger gas station followed by the Costco gas station since we were in the camper and wanted to fill it up the most economical way. (Using Kroger points until they ran out and then buying cheap Costco gas to top it off.)
  • Once we were back at home, it was almost party time. I made some brownies, and soon Campbell had a housefull of guests. I am not sure how many folks came over. I think that there was 9ish which is always a good crowd in the middle of the summer. She just invited people from her grade so it wasn't the normal folks that we have around here. 
  • I think that they all had fun-we fed them well anyway. Pizza, chips, cokes, waters, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, no bake cookies-surely that all counts for something.
  • When everyone left, we did a bit of picking up and now kids are cycling through the showers before church in the morning.

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