August 19, 2022-Let's Go to Branson This Weekend

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I thought that I would get to 20,000 steps today, but alas I only made it to 18,000. It is just 11 so I guess I still have time, but since I am sitting in a 400 square foot camper, it is doubtful. 

We started the morning awake pretty early, but we didn't have to leave until 9:15 so that left us time to walk Bentley and get things ready. Keaton had asked the night before what we were going to have for breakfast. We were afraid that she might ask for pancakes which is a standard camping breakfast, but not when we do have to leave early. She just wanted to have a chance to eat her honey nut cheerios that we just bought. 

We all had a chance to eat cereal this morning before leaving. We made it in Silver Dollar City and waited on the Crafts. Then we followed them to Mysic River falls where the kids rode that water ride 3 times in a row. Now, they were drenched. Keaton did wear a poncho, but still everyone's shoes and everything were wet. (They knew this would happen, and didn't care at all. Though I do believe that by the time we made it home, their feet were pretty sore.)

Then our 3 peeled off from the group and headed to the barnswings. Campbell did not want to ride it if they were the only ones on there, and for a bit it looked like they might be, but a crown joined them. This ride might have helped dry them off some, but I think that Whitman was still splashing as he walked beside me on the way to Outlaw Run. 

Then we joined the group again where they all rode Fire in the Hole. Afterwards, we tried to do Powder Keg but the line was crazy. All of the other rides had excellent lines most of the day long. Though we did never get in the most important line-the cinnamon bread line-so we don't know about it's length today.

Next up was Thunderation and then the swings. Some folks then rode the swings again while others rode the Electro Spin. Somewhere around here, Robby went back to the camper to let Bentley out. He walked the dog and had lunch and even did some work before he came back.

I believe that the kids then rode the swings one more time before we went to the next water ride-Tom and Huck where they rode twice and were again drenched. Back to the swings and that area before Whitman headed off with Wes and some others to the ball area while Keaton and Sophia did the train and Flooded Mine together. 

And this is where my notes get a little more infrequent. I had been trying to keep up with what all we had done, but there were more swings, Mystic River, and some time in the bottom area. We finished the day with a run on the pirate ship for the kids, and then we headed to the front.

We went back to the camper and had a few minutes of down time. It would have been enough time to take a nap, but I read and Robby did some work. Soon we met everyone at Dana's BBQ. The food was good-fairly overprices, but that is Branson since our dessert tonight was the same.

After eating, we drove down the strip towards the Landing. There Campbell bought a Bass Pro hat that she has been wanting. Then we walked up and down by all of the stores before going to Sweet Susies for ice cream. Robby had to fix a low tire on the back of the van while we were there, but it didn't take him any time at all since he had his air compressor in the back of the van. 

Once our desserts were finished, we headed back to the camper where we walked Bentley and some of the girls showered at the bathhouse. Anna and Sophia are spending the night over here, and when we came back to the camper, Campbell and Anna had made everyone's beds which was wonderful.

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