August 9, 2022

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  • Well, we survived another day of school. I had a few more minutes this morning even though I did wake up a minute or two later. I didn't have to drag Bentley through her morning walk-we were able to stroll. (Actually, I did think that the neighbor dog was going to kill us at one point, but Bentley and I  survived unscathed.)
  • After my walk, I hurried in to start waking everyone up. Now, this was a bit easier yesterday than it was today. Now, I did have some folks that woke right up, but for the most part I had to return for a second wake up. 
  • The Tuesday Comm Central classes all start at 10:40 today so that is good. Then the boys are both done, but Reagan has to stay until 2ish. So I went to pick them up today-I had ulterior motive: I wanted to go to the library. Campbell wants to go and just look for books, but today was just a quick trip in and out to grab a few books that were on hold.
  • When the boys made it to the car, they told me some about the day. And then, no unexpectedly, they began asking for food. Graham wanted ChickFilA since he had a gift card there and Anderson wanted Sonic. Well, what was I to do-Robby is the fun day so I do try to be the fun mom sometimes too-so we did get to ChickFilA and then Sonic.
  • They were pleased-and it was Graham's very first day of real school ever-just 50 minutes though. I on the other hand, was a bit stressed since I wasn't finished with school. Whitman still had to work with me for a little bit plus he had a few other things to do as well. 
  • I tried my best to finish him up, and then Campbell, Keaton and I loaded up for the pool. It was super cloudy when we left so I wasn't sure if it was going to end in a monsoon like yesterday, but it did not. They were able to swim with their friends for a good while. 
  • We actually even brought one friend home while Keaton went home with their family. It has even turned into a sleepover. And yes, school has to be accomplished tomorrow-I guess it is good that I schedule an extra day on Friday. 
  • After the pool, I worked on restocking the camper and even walked on the blasted treadmill. I eventually found supper for these people. One thing I am not good at is menu planning-maybe I will try next week. Ah, who am I kidding? 
  • Most of the kids are currently playing hide and seek. Graham is even playing with them-he bought a new xbox (not cheap) which came today. He has spent a good deal of the day loading games so I assume that is still happening.
  • My next task is making out my must do list for tomorrow-or maybe eating some ice cream-or maybe reading some of my book.

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