March 10, 2014

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Rough ending to the day...

  • Today was the day that I had expected it to be but we all survived and overall the day wasn't too bad.  Time change caused everyone to wake up later than usual.  That is fine but our morning just goes best if we start school as close to 8 as possible.  It was much closer to nine though when school actually got started.  
  • I passed out cereal and fruit and everyone did find their spots in the school room.  School went fairly well though my Graham (this just wasn't his day at all) did have a breakdown when I tried to have him hold his pencil correctly.  I try to pick my battles but this wasn't one that should have caused him to completely fall apart but it certainly did.  He ended up losing his kindle for the rest of the day-so once Anderson was finished with school, he pulled out his kindle and Graham was like a caged animal roaming around in the house.  
  • Campbell was so excited to work on her reading book again this morning.  She just sat in the floor with her cereal waiting on my to come and help her.  I hope her excitement lasts for a long, long time.  Then when she had finished working on that, Keaton and her helped me wash the rest of my grapes and strawberries.  Those poor girls worked and worked trying to pull the stems off of the grapes-took them forever (wonderful!)
  • After school was finished, we worked on Anderson's oral report project and then did some work on Campbell's dollar store purchase from the other day.  She was so excited to finish it and I was so excited to be able to throw out all of the glitter from that project.  Glitter everywhere in this house!
  • We then had lunch and the kids listened to science, some of a Magic Tree house book but when it was time for Brighty they couldn't sit still anymore.  That was fine (even though we only have 5 chapters of Brighty left).  The kids soon started on our afternoon chores and soon Keaton and Whitman were snoozing and the others were watching tv.
  • I should have told them they couldn't go outside but I encouraged them to watch 2 movies and then change to go outside.  I was on the treadmill when they started going outside so I got off to help get them out with shoes and shut the doors.  Then I walked through the house picking up before heading back upstairs.  I peeked out from the garage just in time to see Graham take a tumble on his bike.
  • Nothing to odd about that and nothing too odd about his curdling scream afterwards.  But it was odd that he jumped up grabbing his private parts and came running to me.  I looked and there was blood and that was very, very odd.
  • I quickly ushered him inside and started checking out his injuries.  I was able to get the bleeding to slow down and get him to stop yelling but the cut on the very tip of his private parts was pretty good.  How did this happen you ask?  Well, I guess the child was in too much of a hurry after he pottied last to properly pull up his briefs and put things were they belong.  
  • Just imagine him laying out in my closet, blood, him screaming, little people coming in worried to check on their brother-gracious me!  I got an ice pack for the swelling and some water to keep him quiet and called his daddy.  At first Robby wasn't sure if I should take him somewhere and I wasn't really either.  But we do want to have grandchildren so I called Nonna to come over so I could leave.  And Robby would leave as soon as he could.
  • I just went to an after hours clinic and as I told the front desk person what had happened she said that she didn't know if I should just go to the er.  And then she got up and said that she would ask the nurse.  The lady behind me asked where he got cut and then said that she was the nurse practitioner.  I told her and she said that she would just look and see.  Before I could even fill out the paper work, they called us back.  The nurse looked as Graham quietly wailed and squeezed my hand. 
  • She gave it a good look over and said that the er wouldn't do anything.  She said to watch it, make sure he potties, keep it clean and keep antibiotic ointment on it.  Within 5 minutes, we were on our way home.  Graham waddled back to the car and I lifted him in, propped him up and buckled him in for our way home.
  • When we made it home, Nonna and Robby had everything under control in the house-which I had left in a mess.  Most kids had had showers from playing outside, things were straight and supper was on the stove.  I helped Reagan and neighbor girl pick up thousands of rubber bands that they dropped in the yard and got bit all over by mosquitoes.  So I quickly had my shower before supper too.  
  • Graham stood up at supper and ate.  Everyone seemed to enjoy (again) our one pot spaghetti.  The kids then played with Nonna some while we finished cleaning the kitchen.  Soon Nonna headed home and we watched our nightly Let's Make a Deal.  Everyone went to bed fine tonight-I think that they were pretty tired from today!      

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