March 14, 2014

All smiles!
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  • Breakfast this morning was honey buns and those silly honey buns didn't sit too well with Whitman.  He has spit up all day long.  He has changed clothes more than Keaton today but it was his top that was wet with spit up and not his bottoms like Keaton in her week 2 of potty training.
  • This was Keaton's lucky day because she was going to get to spend the night with Grannymom and Grandpa.  That girl was so excited and could not understand why Daddy didn't take her this morning over there like he takes Campbell to school in the mornings.  
  • I was able to hold her off until time to go and while we waited, the big kids did some school.  They had already finished the hard stuff Wednesday and Thursday so that just left the easier stuff.  But that easier stuff did take a while but most was accomplished before we left.
  • I had a haircut at 10:30 so the kids played at Grannymom's house.  Grannymom offered for me to run some errands and I would have but couldn't think of any (until I got home!)  The kids played outside while I was gone and I arrived back just as it was lunch time.  
  • After we ate, Keaton was ready to see us leave.  She did hug me pretty good and I was afraid that she would change her mind.  She didn't though and happily waved us good bye.  Once at home, the kids rode their bikes and scooters while I unloaded the car and put sleeping Whitman in his bed,
  • I had everyone finish their school and then we read some science before the kids watched some tv.  During their tv watching, Campbell sat beside Reagan who made bracelet after bracelet using my computer while wearing her headphones.  It is the funniest thing to me-really, how many bracelets do you need?  Campbell and Graham have decided that they want looms for their birthdays.  I guess it is good for their fine motor skills.
  • Since Whitman did go to sleep earlier this afternoon, he woke up earlier.  I thought I was watching him fairly well but when I realized he was no longer in the room with me, I started looking for him.  I heard a "splash, splash" and quickly found him in the bathroom by the potty.  So I have one child that now likes to play in the potty and another that can not seem to get anything into the potty.  Poor Graham just has really bad aim-or he is in such a big hurry to get back to his playing-that is probably what contributed to his accident on Monday.  
  • All my Anderson wants to do lately is play ball-dodgeball, catch, soccer, basketball-it doesn't matter.  Graham plays with him most of the time but I probably need to start having him and Graham work with Campbell on soccer.  
  • Eventually this afternoon I went up to the treadmill and put Whitman in the pack n play to watch me.  Soon all of the kids were up there playing ping pong and air hockey.  I spent most of my treadmill time timing when the kids would switch with someone else in their game and breaking up fights.  It did make my time seem to go faster!
  • Supper tonight was at the McGuires house.  Amber made great spaghetti and the kids had a good time playing.  They played outside and inside.  (Reagan and Camryn even made more bracelets)  We didn't make it home until late, late and the kids were exhausted!  Robby strongly suggested that they stay in bed until 8!  

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