March 28, 2014

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"Why are all those fish looking at me?"

  • Friday morning around here and things were the same except that Anderson wasn't here.  Well, there was a bit more commotion in their bedroom before 7.  Graham was ready to get up so he got up and Reagan told him to get back into bed. He did and then laid there until he figured out a way to sneak out of bed (crawling out the back and then under the beds towards the door.)  This didn't fly well with Reagan at all so she reprimanded him causing the scene to escalate even further.  Now the boy should have just waited the 3 minutes until 7 and the girl should have just been quiet about it but really, that shows some pretty good creativity or some really bad deception.  
  • Robby ran this morning as I passed out breakfast.  Things were going well and we were getting ready for the zoo when Graham asked about playing his kindle.  Robby said yes and I piped in to just remember that we  were going to pick up for a few minutes before we leave and Graham let out a "aaaww."  Which resulted in no kindle which led to a fit which led to cleaning the toy room and no kindle all weekend.  Things for that child just quickly spiraled downhill this morning. 
  • He did come  slinking back to me and asked "do I still get to go to the zoo?"  Well, of course he did and soon we were all loaded up (Robby included) and headed to pick up Anderson, Cash and Grannymom for the zoo.
  • The kids were pretty excited and it does seem like we haven't been there in forever.  We tried to show the animals to Whitman but he never really saw many of them.  He did lean up in his stroller to look at the fish but other than that he never really saw any of them-even the elephants or giraffes.  I don't think he cared though because he was all smiles until he fell asleep.  He just enjoyed being outside and watching all of the people.
  • The favorite of all of the kids were watching the tiger cubs.  They were so playful and full of energy. Anderson even said that he could stay there all day watching them.  But we kept moving and didn't watch them all day because we had the zoo playground to go to.  We hadn't really mentioned it but Keaton sure did look up at Grannymom and say "where is this playground?"  
  • They all played on the playground for a while and then we headed out of the zoo.  We didn't go to far because we just drove down the road to the park.  Years ago, when Campbell was 2 maybe it was summer and she blistered her feet on the ground at that park.  It was really, really bad and that baby still remembered it today.  She brought it up and then later she made sure that we were going to wear shoes today.  
  • I know that she had much more fun playing at the park today than she did the other time.  The kids were everywhere climbing on the rocks and through the tunnels.  Grannymom had brought lunch for us so we ate at the picnic tables and then had cookies that her and Cash had decorated.  After that the kids played for a bit longer and then it was time to head back home.
  • On the way home, we dropped Reagan off at Nonna and Pops' house.  She had a big time over there tonight-a quick stop at Chuck E Cheese to play some games, shopping at the mall, supper at All Aboard and then making forts back at their house.  
  • The rest of us rested this afternoon and then at 5, we all jumped up and headed to go and eat pizza at American Pie.  The pizza was ok and the cheese dip was a bit runny but it was all edible and the kids were good so we did have a good time (better than the sandwiches we would have had at home)  
  • Then we went to the Tractor Supply Co.  As we were getting out, the storm was coming.  The sky was dark but not yet raining.  The lady in the car beside us spoke to me and said "Be careful, the storm is coming this way."  I thanked her and then quickly started checking my phone to see if she meant tornado storm or thunderstorm.  She just meant thunderstorm so we were okay to continue our browsing.  
  • Graham had heard her say this and saw it raining outside and said that maybe we should go.  And Anderson even asked what kind of storm she meant.  Funny how the kids pick up on every little thing.  We assured them that it was just a thunderstorm and we were all fine.  On the way home though it was raining hard and lightening.  Campbell kept asking if it was going to thunder tonight because she said that she wouldn't be able to go to sleep-oh, I am sure that girl is tired, tired from today.  I know that Keaton is because her only nap was in the car and today was her first time to walk and not be strollered around the zoo.
  • Back at home, the kids had showers.  Too many little peoples tummys aren't settled and we wanted to make sure that all bottoms were that too much information?  Sorry, if it's just life.  After the showers, we started talking about their Cake Boss show so I pulled out the pictures of when we were there.  Of course that meant we looked at much of that trips pictures before starting the movie so it was late when bedtime finally rolled around-they were ready for bed and so am I!

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