March 26, 2014

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Well, some folks feel better...

  • Some days you start the blog at 5 in the morning and this is one of those days.  Any guesses why?  Not one, not two, not three but four Dennie kids have gotten sick tonight.  4 Dennie kids!  We do everything big around here.  Of course that means that Campbell's much awaited and much longed for first visit to the rice depot has to be cancelled but I have made her a promise that I will take her out of school the next time that we go.
  • Let's just recap the evening: midnight-Reagan comes downstairs saying she got sick upstairs.  That girl is the best about getting to the bathroom but she only makes it so far every time-but tile floor is fine with me and she was in my bed and everything was cleaned up in minutes.  I gently woke Robby up and asked if he wanted to leave for the bonus room (selfishly so I could have his spot on the bed) and boy when he wakes up, he will be so glad that he left!
  • At 12:30, Reagan was sick again and by the time that we laid back down down here, Graham called me to help him in the bathroom.  He didn't seem just quite right so I brought him downstairs where he promptly got sick.  He has had a few bathroom trips since then but him and Reagan must be over theirs.
  • Around 3, I laid there thinking that we must be in the clear.  I was having a hard time sleeping waiting to hear if anyone needed my help, listening to the upstairs and downstairs washing machines washing and hearing every sound in this house.   At 4, I heard Anderson call me with those dreaded words.  I high tailed it upstairs to start cleaning and Campbell got down to go to the bathroom.  I should have paid her more attention because she walked back in the room after using the bathroom, and got sick.  Anderson was still in the bathroom waiting on me to get him a spot in my room and he did his best to comfort Campbell.
  • So now, it is 5 and I have 4 kids in my room with towels and trash bags all around.  They are pretty wired-Campbell keeps talking so we may not get back to sleep but hopefully, we will have no more tummy troubles!
  • Thankfully everyone was able to go back to sleep for a few minutes.  Robby did hear me doing laundry and came down to check on Reagan and was quite surprised to see the room full of sickly kiddos.  He said something to the effect of "Wow, you are such an awesome wife letting me sleep through all of this.  I need to buy you a really big and shiny Mother's Day present." or maybe it was nothing like that at all.  He actually said that I should have woken him up but I was just waiting for things to get really bad before I did-I did think about it when I was trying to clean the carpets upstairs but baking soda, dish soap and vinegar hopefully cleaned them well enough.  
  • I was pretty quick this morning to text Grannymom to check on my Whitman and then to call Nonna to find out about Keaton.  Both of my little ones slept perfectly fine so I was pretty relieved about that.  After Robby left for work, the rest of us had some gatorade and toast (well, they had gatorade and toast-I had coke and brownies!)  Then we started a movie to watch while they rested some more.
  • I actually let those kids watch movies ALL day long-seriously, all day long.  They never left my bedroom except to go to the bathroom.  Now my Reagan felt the best but my Graham felt pretty bad.  He was the one going to the bathroom the most and even almost did the other again.  
  • I passed out snacks-toast, applesauce, crackers throughout the day and even read between some movies.  But mostly, I let them watch tv while I tried to clean every nook and cranny of this house.  My main goal was to clean everything that Robby might touch so he won't get the bug.  And in between my cleaning, I hung out with the kids.  And by hung out, I mean slept!  Without my Keaton and Whitman, I had plenty of time for that...well, sleep and eat brownies.
  • Graham had himself a good 2 hour nap and soon after he woke up, Campbell went to sleep.  Anderson's passed on crackers this afternoon but I kept pouring little glasses of gatorade for everyone.  
  • Nonna and Pops brought home Nurse Keaton around 4 and she spent the rest of the afternoon passing out cookies that she made with Nonna and checking on people.  "You okay Campbell? You okay?" "You no want your cracker, AA?" "Momma put it in bag."
  • Campbell must have had one too many crackers because she had another little light episode just when I was convinced that everyone might just sleep happily in their own beds tonight.  But alas it started to look like I might have another night as nurse on call.  
  • Soon my Whitman and Robby were home.  I am so thankful that the kids all decided to get sick on the same day and on a day when Keaton and Whitman were not around.  I would have struggled to manage all day with my sick folks and dealing with my two little ones.  I think Whitman missed his Momma-he just wanted for me to hold him....or maybe his Momma just wanted to hold him.  
  • I heated up some waffles and pancakes for supper.  I called everyone to the kitchen but Anderson didn't come.  Robby went to check on him and walked just as Anderson had another episode.  Thankfully, after that he seemed to perk up.  The others ate quite a bit of waffles and pancakes (more than I would have liked) but they all seemed fine this evening.
  • They watched some more tv and played more on their kindles this evening.  Then I read a few chapters of our book before we put everyone to bed.  I did keep the Campbell, Graham and Anderson in my room for another night.   Robby will sleep well in the bonus room again and I do hope that the rest of us also sleep well. 

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