March 20, 2014

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Homemade Pizza Night!

  • Campbell was so excited to got o school this morning because she was the snack helper and that means that she also got a special snack helper napkin with butterflies and flowers on it.  Yep, it is the little things in life.
  • And Campbell may have been ready to go to school this morning but Robby and I had both been hitting our snooze buttons on our phones.  I was running so behind that I didn't even manage a shower today.  Robby was hurrying around as well because he was working at work today instead of at home.
  • It was poptart breakfast day so the kids were able to do their school work while eating and they were on fire today.  Reagan and Graham were finished by 10 and Anderson was done soon after.  We had time to read our science and then Reagan and I worked on another project.  She received a hook rug to make for her birthday (yes, over 6 months ago) and we finally figured out how to do it.  She worked and worked on it and then quickly switched over to her bracelet making.
  • Keaton helped me accomplish a few chores before Whitman woke up from his morning nap.  Then it was lunch time and the kids were pretty calm so I read and read to them.  After lunch, we worked on our chores and then everyone had some time to play while Whitman and I had a walking lesson. 
  • Speaking of lessons-I guess that Ms. Patricia had a lesson with Keaton about pottying last night because that girl stayed dried all day long.  I am going to cross my fingers that tomorrow can be half that good.  
  • Nonna picked Campbell up from school and Campbell was so excited to bring home cookies for our snack that they had made.  Soon we had passed her snack out to the everyone and they were happily doing their things-movies, tower building, bracelet making and napping...and I headed out.
  • I dropped off my garage sale stuff at Dana's house and ended up spending more than I will probably make.  I need to make 25 dollars (yep, I really just have junk) so I can cover my garage shopping debt, I need an index card divider and I told Robby I would buy him a pair of shoelaces.  I really do have such big plans, don't I?
  • When I made it home, the kids and Nonna had just walked outside.  So I stayed outside with everyone for awhile.  Campbell was already pretty fussy (school days are long for her) but I had told everyone I would play soccer. Graham and Campbell both cried when they weren't on my team, Keaton cried when I wouldn't pick her up, Whitman soon was bored and started crying, Reagan cried when she missed the goal and Anderson then cried when I said that my crybabies were all going in.
  • I had pretty much calmed everyone down and had most showers over and they kids had semi helped pick up the house by the time that Robby made it home.  Tonight was make your own pizza night-the kids remembered what to do but it is still a mess.  But they had a blast so it was well worth it.  Tonight we even added a cinnamon struessal pizza to our meal-it was delicious.
  • After supper, the kids played for a few more minutes and then it we watched some basketball for a bit before putting everyone to bed.  

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