March 29, 2014

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So what...I'm a messy eater!

  • Saturday morning and this morning was calmer than yesterday with no children trying to shimmy under the beds to sneak out of their bedrooms.  Though there did seem to be a lot of children running around my bed so very early this morning and we were even down one kid-Reagan was spending the night at Nonna's house.
  • Robby made a breakfast of cinnamon rolls.  The kids ate devoured them even though we didn't cook them long enough.  During breakfast, I realized that we were down another child-Anderson was still sleeping.  That child slept until around 9.  He is feeling okay but has had continued bathroom issues-really, since Tuesday.  Eeek!
  • When he did wake up, he ate some of his cinnamon rolls upstairs while Robby was running.  He came downstairs with his dishes and said something to me.   I noticed that something was different and asked to see his lose tooth-it wasn't there.  After I told him that it was gone, he said that it was there and started feeling around in his mouth.  Then he looked down on his plate and said "there it is."  He had one tiny tooth laying on his plate.  Anderson couldn't figure out what was so crunchy in his cinnamon roll-I can't believe he didn't lose that tooth some where in the house.
  • We scurried around to get ready and then we went for our weekly Sams visit.  We needed tortillas and we all do love sams.  The kids shared an icee while we walked around.  Last week we were too late for the samples but this week we were too early for them.  Hopefully, soon we will get it right!  After Sams (we bought baby soap, tortillas, rice krispy treats, fruit roll ups and one other thing that I can't remember) we stopped at Kroger.  By this time, poor Whitman was exhausted-he just wanted to sleep, eat or push the shopping cart.  Seriously, if we were holding him, he would lean down out of our arms to put his hands on the cart handle.  This left me holding him, Robby pushing the cart full of Keaton and Campbell and Anderson pushing the cart with our groceries.  We survived though I was pretty certain that Anderson was going to knock down the wine display!
  • Back at home, we all unloaded the groceries and then it was time for a quick lunch.  Campbell and I then scurried off to the library and then to a birthday party for a friend from church.  Campbell was the only one from church there so she just knew the birthday boy but that didn't stop my girl at all. She loved, loved, loved the party at Little Gym.  On the way home, she told me that she wanted to have her birthday party there but she wanted to invite her brothers and sisters.  
  • Campbell danced, ran, jumped, climbed and was exhausted when we left.  We then ran two more errands and she was so tired she could hardly walk through the store.  We then picked up Reagan who had spent forever at Nonna's house.  They even went shopping again today and my Reagan ate every bit of it up.  She loved looking at clothes and jewelry.  
  • When we made it home, Robby was cooking supper.  Then the kids had baths-yes, I said that correctly.  My shower kiddos had baths-bubbles baths!  Oh, well Reagan didn't have a bubble bath-if you just say the words "bubble bath" she breaks out in hives.  She has some sensory issues-soap, lotion, cream-won't do it at all!  And Whitman didn't get a bath either.  Instead he got locked in the shower until he was nice and clean (someone gave him a bowl full of beans and a spoon for supper!-just imagine the mess)
  • After the kids were clean, we all worked together to clean the house.  After that we watched a bit of tv before bed.  The kids were wired still when we declared to be bedtime.  Keaton has needed to tell us again not to get eaten by dinosaurs, has asked me to cut her toe off (I assume she meant her toenail) and then asked for socks.  

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