March 18, 2014

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Cheesing it up with Dad!

  • School day for Campbell and she was ready to put her clothes on.  I, on the other hand, was not so ready-she wanted a short sleeve shirt and all of hers that I left in her draw from the summer are now just too small.  Not only do I think that she has gotten a bit bigger but I know that she is taller (probably 2 inches since her December birthday)
  • Everyone was up to see Campbell off this morning.  We wave at them from our big window and then we all run (me not so much) to the front door and the kids bolt out of it to wave some more.  Pretty much every single morning we do this.  My Whitman was really into the waving today.
  • School went much smoother today.  Since Campbell was gone, Keaton was much calmer.  And for some reason she was a much better pottier this morning (no accidents this morning vs. yesterday's 5 morning accidents)  
  • And my Anderson was Mr. Speedyfast doing his school work (must have been because of Robby's new ipad game).  He finished without any complaints-his good attitude must have been because the tooth fairy did come and leave him a dollar.  (The tooth fairy did wonder if she had given Reagan more for his first tooth and the tooth fairy sent her assistant because she wanted to make sure that Graham did not try to spy like he did last time!)
  • After school, we read science and a few other things and then we played a game.  The kids so enjoy games so I do try to play a game at least once a week (yep, it is on the list!)  While there was a lull in the game, I taught them how to arm wrestle and since we did that, I thought that leg wrestling was the next logical step so we did that too.  Poor Reagan is such a weakling!
  • We had lunch and finished one book and only have 1 chapter left on Brighty to read.  We now have made our rough draft of our summer road trip and will be seeing some Laura Ingals Wilder places so I think we will have to start reading all of her books-think I can get them read by this summer? Ha! They do have some picture books that we might just have to settle for-that would be fine though and Campbell and Keaton would probably enjoy them more.
  • After doing our chores, Reagan and Graham started working on bracelets-Graham had Reagan make him a big one and she made herself one too.  I bought more bands the other day and Graham is already worried about Reagan running out and needing more.  I keep having to remind him that I will buy more if they need me to.
  • Nonna and Pops showed up during movie time and rescued me from the treadmill.  The kids were happy to see them and even managed to sneak in a game of duck, duck, goose and who knows what else with Nonna and Pops.  They visited for awhile and after they left, we scurried around and left to pick up Campbell.
  • Grandpa had made a bit of a shelf for the van so I helped him put it in.  Whitman showed off his new walking skills-he can take a few steps now.  Today in the living room, he stood up by himself and took at least 5 steps.  I was near him and couldn't believe it-the way he started I really thought he was going to just walk all the way across the room.  The kids played ball outside and when Robby came, we headed to Arby's to eat.
  • Arby's is my kids favorite restaurant-we are classy folks!  And when Robby bought the chocolate croissant, I decided that Arby's was now my favorite restaurant too.  We then drove to the grocery store.  Robby ran in and I sat in my van with the kids while he was in the store-yes, I could have just driven home but it was worth the 20 minute wait in the parking lot to have some help unloading.  And that way, my crew was ready to help us unload the groceries-we have finally figured out how to use their power for good and not evil (occasionally!)
  • We watched a bit of the Hogs play and then sent the kids to bed.  Anderson was a bit bummed that he couldn't stay up to see it all but we promised that we would tell him who won the game.   

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