March 22, 2014

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Hear me roar!

  • Well, today turned out to be a much calmer day around here and for that we were very grateful.  It did take Robby forever to fall asleep last night and pretty much as soon as he did get to sleep, Whitman started fussing.  I got up to get him some more milk (I'm a softee) and he fell asleep before I made it back to his room.  So I walked back to bed and on the way, I rubbed my eye and immediately felt something in it-and it hurt!  I tried to flush it out with saline solution but after 15 minutes of that, it was still hurting like crazy.  I debated waking up Robby but finally whatever was in my eye moved and stopped hurting and I was able to lay down and fall asleep.  
  • When I woke up this morning, Robby was running and both boys were playing their kindles at the foot of my bed.  Before I could roll over Campbell had joined me and Keaton was not too far behind (yes, someone has to get her out of her crib-Reagan told me today that when Keaton starts asking someone to get her out, Reagan just lays really still like she is asleep)
  • I didn't stick in bed too long because before Robby had finished his run, I had done some work myself-folded loads of laundry, emptied the dishes, opened the blinds and prepared the toothbrushes for the morning.  And then I started on the messiest job of all-poor Whitman was covered in poo!  But Robby was about to jump in the shower, so he happily let Whitman play in the shower.  Soon my big man and my little man were clean and everyone was starting on breakfast.
  • Robby made cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning and the kids devoured them.  I wasn't too sure about Whitman's stomach after his earlier mess so I just gave him some applesauce but I am pretty sure that that baby knew he wasn't getting the same breakfast as the others.
  • Next I did my treadmill time and while Robby cleaned all of the floors in the house (all of them!)  Keaton joined me for my last 10 minutes-she just sat leaning up against the wall staring at me.  Sometimes she is just the cutest little thing.  When I finished, she begged to have her turn so she and then Reagan walked on the treadmill.  Keaton calls it the "mover" and kept asking to go on it again.
  • I got ready and so did everyone else.  Nonna and Pops ran back over to pick up some pants and after they left, we had lunch...on the patio.  Robby sure wasn't going to let the kids eat on his freshly cleaned floor (Actually tonight, he had fallen asleep so I snuck downstairs to make supper and feed the kids because I was afraid that he was going to make us eat outside again tonight and it is cold out there!)
  • We then loaded up and went to Savers.  The boys both found new blue jeans (Anderson has been asking for some-he didn't have any blue jeans this winter!  Oh, he did have other pants just not blue jeans)  And my boys even found a pack of football cards for 2 dollars so they told their Daddy that they would both pay a dollar for them-oh, they were so, so excited about this.  
  • Then I ran into Walmart while Robby parked at Sams and then we all perused the aisles of Sams eating samples and picking up a few things.  Then we went to Grannymom's house for a few minutes before heading to Kroger.  I did some speed shopping while Robby bought gas and then we headed home.  
  • Robby went back to the treadmill while the others watched a movie.  We had tried to put Whitman to bed but he didn't want to go to sleep so I took him upstairs with me.  Eventually, Keaton and Campbell found us and we played while Robby finished up.
  • Then it was supper and the kids did some push ups and sit ups-always hysterical.  And then we had some candy!  Anderson has been asking us all day if Shark Tank was new so we all watched it tonight while they had their candy.  It really was a good, good day!

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