March 2, 2013

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Ice Cream Truck Night!

  • I tell you the deer are everywhere around (well, not tonight with the sleet).  Last night we saw a group of 6, our lone deer and then as Robby and I were laying in bed watching tv, I spotted a group of 4 outside.  They are venturing closer and closer to the house.  We did hear today at church that deer are hungry right now since they have been eating on acorns for months and are finishing them up and there is no green grass yet.  I guess we are going to have to buy some deer food.
  • I was helping in a preschool class today so we tried our best to get to church early.  The kids had time to watch a movie while they were eating breakfast so it was a wonderful morning for them.  Clothes were laid our so in no time at all everyone was dressed and in the car.
  • The kids did well in church with Robby and I survived back in preschool Sunday school.  Then I went to church for a bit and Robby headed to work in Whitman's class.  
  • We then had lunch at Nonna's house-lasagna.  And since church tonight had been cancelled, we were in no hurry and the kids had time to play-actually the boys spent most of their time watching some Alaskan show on tv. 
  • Then we came home-we unloaded the car and unpacked from the day.  The kids played on their kindles while I put Keaton and Whitman to bed.  Robby ran on the treadmill and I am made soup for tonight (it was a pinterest find but not a keeper-I thought it was too salty)  
  • It was a fairly restful afternoon and then we had supper.  After supper, the kids played some and then our Sunday night ice cream truck (really just Robby bringing in the ice cream from the garage freezer)  Whitman was probably the most excited about ice cream tonight because he was given his first ice cream sandwich-being a Dennie kid is a wonderful, wonderful thing.  
  • We then watched the Price is Right.  Whitman was up tonight so everyone loves to touch and love on that child.  He can take some of that but eventually, he has enough and lets everyone know about it.  Graham and Campbell could hardly leave him alone-they had quite a bit of extra energy tonight and I am surprised that they are quiet upstairs right now.  
  • During our movie, Reagan drew a picture of the whole family.  Whitman was standing up and each of us had a caption over our head saying something.  It was a cute little picture and I will try to get a real picture of it tomorrow.  That sweet girl did spend her afternoon making bracelets for two girls in her Sunday school class.  
  • As Robby was tucking Campbell in tonight, she looked up at him with her big, blue eyes and sweetly said "I hope you don't die in your bed tonight."  

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