March 24, 2014

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Spring Break begins with cupcakes!

  • First day of spring break and there was no sleeping in around here.  The boys and Cash were up before 6:30 and as soon as the clock struck 7, Campbell was on my side of the bed telling me that she was going to go upstairs.  Reagan eventually ended up and they all played upstairs for a long, long time.  I actually think that I had to call them down for breakfast.
  • Before breakfast though, I woke poor Whitman (aka poopy) up.  That child, even though we had double diapered him and put him in feetsy pajamas so the poo couldn't escape-it did and another mess was made.  Now my Whitman is the happiest, most content baby there is but when you wake him up, rub cold wipes all over his body, then set him down on the cold shower floor-he just doesn't like it at all!  Today though he did better than yesterday so I guess he is getting used to this little routine.  We don't know what is causing this-he is having more real milk, he might be getting a tooth, maybe he has a bug, who knows!  Just hope that it doesn't last too long.
  • Once he was clean, we did have breakfast and then I cleaned up while the others ran back upstairs to play. Campbell did stay down with me and we read a book about cupcakes and then just made ourselves some cupcakes.  That girl loves to cook and was so proud to make them all by herself.  At our house, the kids do get to bake a lot but they are usually not by themselves when doing it-it was sheer delight to get to pour every single thing into the pan and then to be the first and only one to stir it.
  • I let the kids all play while the cupcakes cooked and when they were cooling, I had them come downstairs to work on something-they had to measure different color pieces of paper to make a rainbow (so sneaky-throwing that math stuff in during spring break)  Then they worked on decorating their cupcakes.  My Anderson ended up with more sprinkles on his napkins than he used on the mounds of icing that he put on top of his cupcakes.
  • With Cash here and the kids playing together happily, with no home school to be done and with no Keaton around, I had some extra time today.  I didn't use it wisely but it was nice to have-at one point, I even wrote Robby saying that I was a bit bored.  I had finished my list and didn't know what to do next!
  • But all too soon, it was lunch time so I made lunches and then read during lunch.  I am reading some Shel Silverstein poems and the kids love, love them.  But they also love this book about Benjamin Franklin that I am reading too.  As soon as I had finished reading, those kids jumped up from their stools and ran back upstairs to play.
  • Around 2, Dana brought home our Keaton.  She had had a wonderful time.  This is what I was able to get out of Keaton about her stay-she had doughnuts for breakfast, went to the dollar store and bought a doll, slept with Dana and the dog and had her fingernails and toenails painted.  I think that she was ready to go back pretty soon after arriving here-I think she liked being doted on!
  • The kids watched movies this afternoon while I walked on the treadmill.  Then it was time for me to scurry around to make supper.  And before too long, Robby was home with groceries and we were eating supper.  The late afternoons just seem to fly by around here-one minute it is 3 and the next it is after 5.  
  • Supper was my one-pot spaghetti which has always turned out perfect...until today.  I don't know if I over or undercooked my noodles but they were a bit chewy-edible but chewy.  And I also do not know what we make cornbread and give it to the kids to eat.  I do not think there is a messier food than cornbread (along with shredded cheese and rice).  After supper, Robby took the kids upstairs to pick up the toy room and it took me just as long to clean the kitchen as it took them to pick up a zillion and 29 toys upstairs.  
  • When that ordeal was over, we all sat around to watch a Let's Make a Deal.  Whitman was tired so he didn't get to watch it all and Keaton and Campbell couldn't find a spot to be still so they moved the entire hour but that meant they were tired when bedtime rolled around.  Today was a pretty good start to spring break!

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