March 25, 2014

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The Girls!

  • This morning didn't start out exactly like I had planned...when I woke up 2 boys were in the bathroom and I soon had to go.  The three of us and then Campbell took turns in the bathrooms all morning long.  I think that I did feel the worst and could barely stand through breakfast-thankfully, Robby was around to pass out the grub for me.  
  • I survived until Whitman's morning nap and I found a movie for the kids to watch while I planned on taking a nap.  As I laid there with the kids I became so interested in that silly movie that it took me forever to go to sleep.  Finally, I was able to rest for a bit before lunch time.
  • After my nap, I was feeling much better and so was everyone else so we quickly picked up the house some and then I started on lunch.  I read during lunch and finished one of our spring break books that I had planned to read.  
  • We had our lunch and then I pulled out a craft for us to do.  I had seen on pinterest someone working on geography with a tortilla in the shape of America.  So we added our Mississippi river with some blue candy along with the Great Lakes.  Then we had red hots for Little Rock and Washington DC.  Then there were the oreos for the Appalachian and Rocky mountains.  Then finally some ice cream cone pieces for the desert areas (no, I don't really know their names)  The kids thought that was the coolest thing ever and then they all devoured their creations.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over while the kids were all painting.  They picked up Whitman for a night at their house.  It is Whitman's turn to spend the night there and I think he was excited about leaving.  Seriously, he seemed just a bit too happy waving bye to us!  
  • The afternoon went by pretty quickly with a few movies, getting ready for tonight and a bit of straightening around here.  Tomorrow will be a busy day so I should have been more on top of getting things together but oh, well!  
  • Robby came home and we all loaded up to drop Keaton off for her night at Nonna's house.  They stayed busy cooking, eating, playing and Keaton even had a bath.  Keaton was pretty excited about staying with Nonna but she did keep asking Nonna about brownies.
  • I am the one that had the brownies.  We had made them for tonight-we went to help serve for the Motes.  The kids enjoyed seeing some of their friends but Campbell was really disappointed that there wasn't any work for them to do.  She knew that we were going to "serve people" and kept asking "when are we going to serve people?"  I was able to have her help scoop up some cheese dip but there was little work to do.  Hopefully, working tomorrow at the rice depot will please her.  Otherwise, she might just be coming to your house to serve you! 

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