March 13, 2014

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Fun day with friends!
  • It was a busy day around the Dennie house.  Robby apparently woke up early enough to get a run in so that meant I had to get around as well.  (Well, maybe it was the kids entering the room that caused me stir.) 
  • We soon realized we need to get Campbell ready for school and Keaton wasn't going to be left behind. Since Robby works from home on Thursday, she’s able to ride along. They stayed for the Pledge of Allegiance and to give Campbell one more hug before running a quick errand and then back home.
  • Meanwhile our homeschool friends were arriving so it was a lite homeschool day.  It was even a lite day for our gathering.  Everyone did their oral reports (Reagan: penguins, Anderson:  circulatory system, Graham:  Billy Graham).  Hopefully my videographer will have a video up in the next few days.  Everyone did great and it's fun to see the progress they are making in their speaking and the reports themselves.  
  • Campbell returned home just in time for lunch and was glad to see her "other friends" as she called them differentiating between her school friends and everyone else.
  • No crafts today so they kids enjoyed lunch, playing several games and even playing outside for quite awhile.
  • Naps for Whitman and Keaton and a pretty calm work day for Robby = me getting to escape for a bit of shopping sans kids!! Always a bit easier getting in and out of stores without unloading and loading 6 kids.  I managed to make to Bed, Bath Beyond for a wedding gift, Sports Academy for soccer shoes (still bought to big of size) and Target for a new outfit!
  • Made it home to find everyone in the living room watching the Hogs basketball game.  Robby kept telling Anderson he better watch this one because it might be the last of the season (and it looks like he might should have been a bit more positive in his thinking.)
  • It was Bunko night for me so Robby devised a plan to get the kids out of the house too (well, he was going with them.) But there was  a charity basketball game at Bryant Middle school between the Rollin' Razorbacks and area youth ministers and teachers.  
  • Anderson couldn't wait to get to the front row along with the other big 5 to watch the game (Robby and Whitman in the stroller a few rows behind.)  
  • Robby did text as they got there to say he managed to leave the house without the diaper bag.  He did find a clean a diaper in the van and Reagan reluctantly agreed to carry in her purse.  But surprisingly they escaped without having to use a diaper or a bottle.  Keaton even made it home in a dry pull up.
  • They enjoyed seeing Ms. Alicia play in the first quarter even scoring a basket.  (Rollin Razorbacks won 70-68 - but the teachers/youth guys got 6 points for ever 2 points of the Rollin Razorbacks since they weren't as skilled in wheelchair basketball.)  Highlight of the night was the concession stand, of course, so lots of M&Ms and Sour Punch right before bedtime.
  • They made it home by 9:00 so everyone was worn out.  Pjs, teeth brush and pottying and soon everyone was out.  Robby said he didn't hear a peep on the monitor.

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