March 5, 2014

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A little support for brother doing his math...

  • Graham seems to get louder and louder every single morning.  He came hopping downstairs and the first thing he said was "I saw you last night."  My first thought was "oh, no" since I had a bit tooth fairy work that I did in their room last night.  But then I realized that boy didn't have a clue about what he was talking about.  So I took a sigh of relief and rolled back over and tried to close my eyes for just a few more minutes.
  • Reagan sure didn't buy Graham's story about seeing me last night.  She quickly explained that the tooth fairy was invisible.  And laid beside me happily holding her dollar bill.  We started this tooth fairy thing before we figured out how much this would cost us!
  • Since Bible study was cancelled, we did a bit of school.  I only had everyone do 6 boxes so it was easy for some (Reagan and Anderson) and not so for others (Graham).  Poor Graham's math has gotten a bit harder for him so he has to work to answer the problems.  He is now adding 9 + some other number.  And then even when he gets a problem correct, half of the time I make him erase it and write the number legibly.  
  • No worries though because he was finished right after the others and ran upstairs to play.  I soon had everyone to come down for science and then passed out their chore list.  The kids all worked together so well today doing their chores.  Today I did pass out a pretty hefty list of chores-cleaning potties, folding laundry and emptying trash.  I worked along side of them and soon the house was straight (enough) and everyone was able to enjoy some free time.
  • During their free time, I made some banana bread with Campbell and Keaton.  Our plan was to give one of our loaves of bread to Beebee.  My first problem was that the tops of my bread took forever to cook while the sides were getting brown.  Finally, it cooked and was quiet delicious.  Then after wrapping it up and hauling it all over town, I walked out of Beebee's place and forgot all about handing her the banana bread.
  • I gave the kids lunch-cheese and crackers, strawberries, banana bread, apples and some other little thing.  I tried not to give them too much because I knew that we were quickly heading to Beebee's place and they would be gorging themselves with candy from Beebee.
  • The kids were good at Beebee's place and didn't cause too much of a scene.  I tried to work on Beebee's address book and Reagan was busy corralling Whitman.  He had happily sat in Beebee's lap for a while but then he was ready to get down and go.  So she tried to make sure he didn't lick the nursing home floors!  
  • Back at home this afternoon, the kids rested and the afternoon flew bye.  Campbell, my shadow, did go upstairs with me when I was on the treadmill.  She talked the entire time but since the treadmill and tv were so loud, I could hardly hear her.  Then she saw a short exercise segment on Dr. Oz so she begged for us to do it together when we were finished.  Reagan came up in time to giggle at us as we finished.  
  • When Robby came home from work, we had our supper and then headed to church.  Everyone went in their classes fine but 2 came out with wet paintings!  Really?  We did manage to get everyone back to the car with little paint on ourselves.
  • At home the kids had a quick little snack before bed and then as I walked out of their room tonight, Campbell said "I have a lot of energy."  Oh, my!

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