March 11, 2014

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Everyone has to do their part...

  • School day and picture day for Campbell.  I tried my best for Campbell to wear something cutish for her pictures.  That didn't work-the first was too scratchy, second was a bit snug, third I couldn't make the buttons go through the holes and 4th she just didn't like it.  I should be used to all of this from Reagan-she never ever wears what I pick out for her (unless I just make her)  She only wants to wear leggings all the time, every time even if they have holes in them.  
  • Campbell was finally dressed and on her way to school and we started breakfast.  Today was toast and yogurt day.  I even let the kids have nutella on their toast.  Not too long ago there was a buy one get one free coupon that Robby used twice.  When he came home with 4 jars of nutella, I made fun of him.  Now that I have solely eaten 3 of them, I have decided that I should spread the love to my children and share with them (actually, I was lamenting about why I had lost any weight after days of treadmilling and Robby politely pointed out my nutella addiction)  
  • School was fine today-Graham was even able to sit down for some of it.  He has decided that sitting hurts so most of the morning, he was standing up doing his work.  By the afternoon, he had forgotten about his injuries.  He did take his brother into the bathroom to look and Anderson came out of there like he was about to vomit.  Later, Anderson told Graham that he needed a helmet on his boy parts next time he rides his bike.  
  • After school, we played a geography game, worked on our oral reports and read science.  The kids had enough time to play some before lunch.  Keaton helped me get ready for lunch and then we went upstairs to fetch Whitman.  I know the others were all good babies but he is just so happy, all of the time.  You should see him grin when we come in and get him from a nap.  I guess that I can't call him a baby for much longer since he is about to be one.  
  • Speaking of growing up, Keaton is doing well on pottying.  We are still averaging 3 accidents a day-which I guess you could say is not that well.  At least twice Keaton wet herself just minutes after I thought "I should take her potty after I finish this."  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and Robby can see the extra dollars once used for diapers at the end of the tunnel so there is no turning back now.  
  • We had our lunch and then everyone helped clean.  Today's big project was replenishing our toilet paper to all of the bathrooms.  I filled the box with toilet paper and brought it down from the attic.  Then the kids loudly and noisily passed it out to all the bathrooms.  Poor Whitman was then put into the box.  And no, I am not out of toilet paper.  That was just one of the many, many boxes that delivered our 1000s of rolls of toilet paper two years ago.
  • Graham pulled out a project before nap time.  I was able to help him and Whitman sat in his exersaucer giving me kisses while I worked with Graham.  Anderson was at the kitchen table working with one of his play doh projects.  And Reagan was where Reagan usually is now-making loom bracelets.  Today, she even watched movies with the boys while wearing headphones and watching vidoes on my computer showing her how to make bracelets.  She is ever so quickly running out of rubber bands.  
  • The kids had their naps and movie time.  Then they played some while I made supper.  Campbell spent the afternoon with Grannymom and then she went to the soccer coaches meeting with Robby on their way home.  Keaton was missing her by the end of the day and kept asking about her.  Before they came home, we played a few games and waited for our others to come home.  
  • Once Campbell made it home, the kids played charades for a bit before we put everyone into bed.  Campbell was out within minutes but Keaton was not at all ready to go to sleep tonight.  She did finally calm down but I think that she was so exhausted that she couldn't settle down-we all need our sleep tonight because tomorrow is a big day!

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