March 16, 2014

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Singing in big church!

  • Graham was the first one up and he got tired of watching me sleep so he found Robby at his now normal morning place-the treadmill.  It didn't take too long for others to migrate downstairs-my one surprise this morning was when Anderson came downstairs.  I reached out to touch him during my slumber and felt not pajamas, so I kept grabbing at him until I figured out that the child how already gotten himself ready for church. 
  • All 3 of my boys had sweater vests on today and I tell you they were the cutest things ever.  I really wanted to get a picture but Whitman didn't get dressed until we were walking out the door and then before we even climbed out of the van at Nonna's house, the big boys had ripped off their sweaters.  I tried to convince Robby that he needed one and he didn't agree but I saw at least 5 men wearing sweater vests today at church.  He might just get an early Father's Day gift.
  • Campbell was able to come to the first part of big church today so she could see Reagan and Anderson sing with their children's choir along with the adult choir.  Words can't explain how we love watching those kiddos of ours singing the name of Jesus.  My Anderson was singing his heart out (he was easy to spot in his yellow sweater vest) and my Reagan was probably singing her heart out as well (I couldn't see her-I think we are going to have to give that girl some growth hormones)
  • We were in Keaton's class during worship care.  I really thought that child would quickly catch onto the pottying business-not so.  She was in a wet pull up when I came in to her class so I made her potty and put on a dry pull up.  Within 5 minutes she was wet again so I made her potty again-which she did.  That time I took off her pull up and just left her in panties.  Robby took her to watch Reagan and Anderson sing in the second service.  As soon as the kid came back, she walked to me and peed right there.  I sat her on the potty and she again went for me.  Gracious me!  We will try to get back on track tomorrow.  This one child in diapers is sounding really appealing to me.
  • We had lunch at Nonna's house and the kids loved her green St. Patrick's Day cookies.  Jason brought coloring books for everyone that the girls loved coloring in.  Everyone had time to play and soon we were headed home for a few minutes of down time.  Naps and movies abounded and then it was time to get back in the car.
  • Graham was happy to go to choir tonight-even though he is in a different class than Reagan and Anderson, he loves doing what they do.  Keaton was also thrilled that she was able to go to cookie club with Campbell.  Those little girls were perfect today in the library and the loved, loved getting to eat cookies (I had some too-delicious-actually, I am thinking of replacing my oven with an Ottis Spunkmeyer oven because I think that it would get more use than my current one)
  • After church, the kids had sandwiches and chips in the car.  Then they quickly changed into pjs when we finally got home.  We spent more time in the driveway looking at the deer than we did driving home-9 deer out back tonight.  
  • Whitman had a whole ice cream sandwich tonight and then he started fussing.  We didn't pay too much attention to him until he started signing "more, more."  That cutie patooty!

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