March 3, 2014

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  • I know I have been talking about the deer a lot lately but last night I was walking out of our bathroom into our bedroom and a deer was probably 10 feet from the house.  He saw me, I saw him and we both jumped.  Actually, I startled the deer so much that when he jumped high turning and fleeing, I jumped myself.  By all of my jumping and squealing, Robby wasn't really sure what or who I was seeing out the window.
  • The kids were up way too early this morning but I think the white ground outside was just too exciting for them to stay in their beds.  They played upstairs for a while and then I finally passed our leftover cinnamon rolls and cereal for breakfast.
  • We then started school.  It went fairly well except for the constant interrupting.  I do not know how to quickly end being constantly interrupted.  I can hardly help anyone because I am dealing with my main excusable interruption-Whitman.  But the other kids are constantly needing me too.  Most of the problem is the boys.  If they can not figure out a problem, then they can not skip it and go to the next one or even find some other school work to do.  I hope that skill emerges soon with them.
  • Robby was working from the bonus room today and came down for lunch.  At one point, Campbell sat on the steps and said "I will just never see Daddy."  I tried to explain that he would soon be finished or at least take a break from his work.  
  • After lunch, we did finally do what the kids had wanted to do all day long-go outside.  I wanted to stay in but I just really didn't want to miss them (and pictures of) playing.  I was still debating going outside when I saw the kids walk out and Anderson give Reagan and push on the sled and she dodged the trees and made it to the bottom of the yard (about 100 yards)  Well, I couldn't miss out on that and Keaton would need someone to ride on the sled with her.  We have gotten more use out of that sled that probably ever before this season.
  • Reagan and Anderson were pretty good at steering the sled and would even go over a stump.  They tried to get me to go over the stump and as I slid by it, I was sure that wasn't wise for Keaton and me so we skipped the stump and headed for the woods.   
  • Graham was the first one to go in and Campbell really wanted to go in next but she couldn't open the house door and had to wait on me.  I was trying to stay out so I could push Reagan and Anderson one more time on the sled.  Keaton wouldn't keep on her gloves and I could see her fingers getting redder and redder so I hurried trying to get her in.  
  • When I came in, Graham was getting out of the shower and his little cheeks were still bright red.  We were all pretty chilled but after warm showers, sitting by the heater and then hot chocolate with their snack.  
  • Whitman and Keaton had their naps and oh, yes, my Keaton has been wearing her big girl panties all day.  She did have 2 accidents this morning even with me taking her to the bathroom every 30 minutes.  But I still think that is pretty good and she surprised all afternoon and evening in her panties so we are calling the day a success.  
  • The afternoon was pretty relaxing and we all worked on the toy room before supper.  Robby must have even glanced at my Monday's to do list which had vacuum on it.  He vacuumed the house which I never do.  I just have it on the list because I feel like I should even though I really do not intend to vacuum.  
  • We had supper and then I played catch with the kids and then it was time for our nightly Let's Make a Deal.  The kids continue to tickle me watching this show.  They get so excited but I guess that Robby and I do too.  
  • Tonight at prayer time, Reagan asked that we could pray that the ice would stay around a few more days.  I sure wish it would be icy for a few more days too but it will be nice being the only folks at the pool for a week or two while everyone else finishes making up their snow days.

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