March 9, 2014

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Always excited about Ice Cream Truck Night!

  • We survived time change morning.  When Graham came downstairs he looked at our clock-which we had not turned back and said "oh, it is just 6 down here but our clock says 7."  Campbell had made muffins yesterday at Nonna's house and brought doughnuts home so the kids feasted on them while watching a movie (a reward because everyone was dressed and ready on time)  I spent the rest of this time getting ready myself.
  • Church was fine-Graham kept clicking his fingernails during church as he was trying to tear a hang nail.  This just about drove my crazy!  He was so pleased with himself because when the preacher said turn to Ephesians, he opened his Bible right up to Ephesians (his bookmark helped quite a bit)
  • Lunch was at Grannymom's house and the kids devoured the fruit that she had-a huge bowl was quickly gone!  Then they all played outside until time to leave.  Lilly was swinging on the swing when Keaton walked in front of her and since Lilly couldn't stop, she whacked Keaton pretty hard (her hair was full of grass and dirt!)  Lilly ran inside to get us in a panic but once the door was open all of the way, we could hear Keaton crying and then could see Reagan holding so we knew she would quickly be fine.  But all of this was just too much for Lilly and Anderson, they both ended up crying afraid that Keaton was really hurt.  
  • A few minutes later, Campbell came inside crying because Lilly and Anderson were crying.  My Campbell gets so worried about everyone and wants to make sure that everyone is okay.  By this time, Lilly and Anderson were fine again and in a heated round of dodgeball but poor Campbell was still upset by them being upset.  
  • A bit later, Graham came inside.  He sat in my lap for a while and then turned to me and said "they are being a little bit mean out there."  So I got up and stood in the garage so I could listen to what was happening.  All I could hear was everyone playing their dodgeball game.  Then I heard Campbell saying "Anderson and Lilly, let me see your happy face."  I guess Campbell was going to make sure that everyone was okay.  While I was still eavesdropping, I heard Campbell get upset because those 2 did not give her their happy faces since they were busy playing.  I asked for their happy faces and then Campbell was quickly appeased and went back to playing.
  • Soon it was back home and since the kids played outside they were stinky, so we sent them in for quick showers while we washed their clothes.  They watched a few movies and then they would have had the opportunity to watch one more, but they messed that up by raising their voices at each other so it was then time to put back on their clothes and get ready for church.
  • Choir for 3, a class for me, cookie club with Robby for 2 and then something different during big church.  We had a dinner were the speakers from the Barnabas project explained their ministries.  The food was from David's Burgers and the speakers were excellent.  Very neat evening.
  • And the kids (Campbell on up) even had their dinner at church.  Campbell and Graham had chicken nuggets, Reagan and Anderson had pizza and even had some of the same speakers that we did.  (Love that)  
  • On the way home, we fed Keaton-squeeze applesauce and a peanut butter tortilla and then we all had ice cream truck once home.  The kids were pretty tired tonight so I think they all went to sleep pretty quickly.  Anderson and Graham have been saying that they lay awake all night long-sometimes I do wonder if they are awake up there but I know they are not awake after a day like today! 

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