March 12, 2014

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  • Wednesday mornings are the craziest of days but I am glad that Robby is able to help.  I was still dressing wiggle worm (Whitman) when Robby started on breakfast.  The kids were pretty hungry and they finished off the pancakes and the waffles.  
  • After breakfast, we handed out trash bags and sent the kids on their way to empty all of the trash cans.  None of my big kids like to do the bonus room.  I don't know why-I don't think they are scared but who knows.  Anderson had already finished his trash and I was being nice and didn't assign the bonus room to anyone.  But as soon as Keaton was finished with her pancakes, she grabbed her trash bag and walked to me.  So the only trash can left was the bonus room and Anderson was the unlucky one around who I volunteered to help her.
  • Soon we were on our way to Bible study.  My boys now like to walk to class by themselves just like Reagan does.  So I let them but I do have to walk right by their class so I just check in on my boys.  Today they were sitting beside each other at the table coloring when I went by.  
  • When it was time to pick up Whitman, he was in a big boy room.  Usually, when his room is short staffed they move him to a baby room.  But today, he wasn't in there and a worker had to help me find him.  When I finally found his room, he was crawling all over playing with all of the new toys-my baby is growing up!
  • We had our lunch at Beebee's place.  Today she was already in the cafeteria so we just joined her.  She said that they didn't like if they changed spots but I just wheeled her to another table big enough for all of us and said that we would apologize later.  The kids were excellent during lunch and I was content to just visit in there but Beebee wanted to go down the hall to the activities room.  This room gives the kids a bit too much free areas to move in.  It is just a balance-in her room, they are crowded and this leads to problems but in the activity room there is too much space and this leads to problems.  We all survived though-Campbell passed her time in the activities room by pushing Beebee around while Keaton pushed Whitman around in his stroller.  (I might have been a preoccupied with a checkers game with the big kids during this time.)  I even believe that I saw them lining up to have a race-Beebee in her wheelchair against Whitman in his stroller.
  • Back at home, the kids played outside in the wind while I unloaded Whitman and Keaton and all of our stuff from the morning.  Then I had everyone come in and they practiced their oral reports for a minute and then it was movie time.  While they were watching the movie, the doorbell rang and it was neighbor girl selling candy bars.  I am sucker and bought 5-those things were a dollar apiece and they were tiny, tiny!  At least she wasn't selling wrapping paper.
  • Soon Robby was home and it was time to gobble down supper before heading to church tonight.  The kids love Wednesday night church and Robby and I are growing accustomed to sitting behind the puppet screen for the entire time.  We are able to get a few things done-newspaper reading, magazine reading and my Bible study.  
  • We picked up the kids and then came home and since they are all starving when we pick them up, we had ice cream as a quick snack before bed.  Keaton has gotten into the habit of being a bit of trouble at bedtime but tonight she went to bed pretty far!

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