March 27, 2014

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Everyone is feeling better!

  • The evening went fairly well last night. Robby slept upstairs again while I hunkered down in our bedroom with the 3 sickies.  At 4, I heard something and sat straight up and yep, Graham had gotten sick.  Poor thing didn't have anything at all in his tummy so there wasn't too much of a mess.  I asked him what I could get for him and he said "something to eat."  I encouraged him towards a drink and went to the garage to get some more gatorade. As soon as I walked in with his cup, 2 other heads bobbed up and asked for some.  I figured that it wouldn't hurt them, so back to the kitchen I went.
  • I laid in bed thinking that it felt most like 1 in the morning and not at all like 4.  Thankfully, I was able to go back to sleep until 6:30.  Yes, I know most people are going strong by then and Robby was probably upstairs running.  But did you know that it is dark at 6:30 in the morning?  Sure is!  It was Whitman-he was on Grannymom time.  I quickly grabbed a diaper and a bottle and sent that boy back to bed.  He adjusted quickly to Tara time and was back to sleep in a flash.  I actually had to wake him up around 8 this morning.
  • The Dennie breakfast menu read poptarts today.  But I wasn't thrilled with that idea of our sensitive tummies.  So I offered toast, waffles and pancakes.  Those kids were so excited about waffles and pancakes (I don't think they remembered we had them last night too!)  They ate and ate and would have eaten more but I cut them off.  Well, not Whitman-he had his waffle and then kept watching me eat my yogurt so I fixed him a bowl and he ate every bit of that and then signed "more."  But he didn't get anymore.
  • We did get a later start this morning and before I knew it, it was Whitman's nap time.  He had started laying his head down in his exersaucer.  He was contained because everyone else was working on their oral report projects.  Graham glued a picture of the Titanic, Anderson drew a tsunami and Reagan drew NYC.  And everyone got to use the "sharpie markers."  This is a big, big deal around here because I keep my sharpies under lock and key!  I did have to make everyone not wearing pajama shirts, take off their shirts to color-this made Campbell's day!
  • We had lunch while I read some and then we were finally have to read "If you Give a Moose a Muffin" book and then we made muffins.  While the muffins cooked, everyone ran around picking up the house and Campbell worked on coloring wrapping paper for her friends birthday party Saturday.  
  • Then we played Chutes and Ladder and SkipBo dice while eating our muffins.  I wasn't paying attention to the time but when I realized that Keaton and Whitman were both crying, I thought I better check to see if it was naptime.  It was and they were sent to bed and the room was suddenly much quieter.  
  • After the game, the kids watched their movies while I served my treadmill time.  Campbell came up and tried to talk to me but I wasn't talking so she came back up with her kindle to play.  Soon Robby was home and we spent most of the time before supper talking about where we were going to put beds, drawers and toys when we split the kids into boy and girls rooms...that isn't happening anytime soon.  We also discussed how long we could wait until we did this-hopefully, it will be a while.  Reagan really wanted to split up lately but then she realized that she would be taking the noisiest two (Keaton and Campbell) with her so she has changed her tune a bit.  We need to get her a good book light and then she would be very pleased with the situation-that we can do.
  • We all enjoyed our supper tonight-fish sticks and hush puppies.  The kids devoured them and then Cash and Dana came over to pick up Anderson to spend the night at their house.  He was pretty excited about this and could hardly sit still at the table.  
  • After they left, Reagan and Graham worked more on their art projects and then the whole family watched a Let's Make a Deal.  The little girls were pretty wound up so it was hard to watch but we all still enjoyed sitting still together for a bit before bed.  Hopefully, the kids will all sleep well tonight and we will too!

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