March 8, 2014

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New baseball cards!

  • The kids were up early this morning.  Robby was running and I thought that the boys must have been upstairs with him but I later found them sitting on the couch watching Robby's ipad.  We have recently started locking the closet door that has their kindles-they know if the door is locked, the answer is no to playing and we don't have to be asked over and over.
  • I folded some laundry early, early while Reagan pushed Whitman and Keaton in the laundry basket.  They did this over and over until poor Whitman practically begged to get out.  Robby was soon done with his running and appeared to make breakfast for the crew.
  • He whipped up some cinnamon rolls and egg and sausage burritos.  He has been having egg burritos for breakfast and every morning the kids really eye his eggs so today they had their fill.  As we were cleaning up the kitchen, Robby made a deal with the kids that if they cleaned up the toy room, he would give them 2 dollars and a trip to the dollar store.  Well, that deal was taken and they worked and worked on the toy room.  There was a bit of fussing and bit of moaning but they did finally finish it and we were soon on our way.
  • Our first stop was for Robby to run into Walmart to pick up a few things and then I ran into Sams.  Let me tell you, if there was one person at Sams, there were a zillion people there.  Our next stop was Grannymom's house.  Robby hooked up something so Grannymom and Grandpa could watch the Hogs play later in the day and the kids enjoyed playing with Cash.  He saw us driving down the street and biked over.  
  • Grannymom had lunch for us so we ate and then they ran off to see Lilly and Cash's last game and we ran off to go spend some money at the dollar store.  Robby took Whitman with him to the grocery store while I took Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Keaton to spend some money.
  • The kids did really well and quickly (well, kind of quickly) made their choices.  Reagan picked a hula hoop and a cross made out of garland (not all dollar store products are winners but she was happy so that is all that matters).  Anderson picked two packs for football cards.  Graham had the most trouble deciding what to pick-he had camo duct tape and glitter glue but then changed to football cards and a glow in the dark sand project.  Keaton picked a Dora mirror and comb and a hula hoop.  And we bought Campbell a hula hoop and a glitter sticker project.
  • We picked up Campbell on the way home and once home the kids helped us unload and put everything up from the day and then we all found our way to our bedroom to watch the basketball game.  I worked with Campbell on her glitter project and it was very time consuming but she loved doing it and was a little devastated when we had to stop.  
  • After the first half of the game, the kids had had enough of the game so they went outside with a snack while we watched the rest of the game.  When the game came over, the kids headed to the showers while Robby cooked mini hamburgers for us.  
  • Hamburgers were another hit menu-notice how we are trying new things around here?  Good for us.  After our supper, I helped Graham and everyone else do his glowing sand project.  It was a mess and I was so worried that it wasn't going to work-but it did.  Imagine me and all of the kids (even Whitman in his exersaucer) sitting in my darkish bathroom stirring glow in the dark sand.  
  • After we put the sand in the containers, the kids noticed that some of the sand was glowing on the tray and then soon sand was all over shirts, hands and even in hair.  Robby knew something was happening because he could hear screams of delight as all the kids ran to my dark, dark closet to see themselves glow-meanwhile, I was reading the package making sure no one's hands or eyes were going to burn off from the glow in the dark substance.  
  • Once everyone was finished glowing, we all sat down for our evening's economic lesson-Shark Tank.  The kids have been begging to watch it so we let them tonight.  It took us a long while to watch because Robby would have to pause the show to explain what was happening.  Reagan asked if we could watch it tomorrow and we said it wouldn't come on until next Friday.  Anderson could not believe that it would be an entire week before the show came on tv again.  Robby then tried to tell them about when you couldn't even record a tv show-the just stared at him like he was speaking another language.

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