March 21, 2014

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Not the day we had planned...

  • Everyone slept well last night and the kids started trickling downstairs right after 7.  The past few mornings Whitman has been waking up around that time too.  He used to sleep until after I had my shower but not anymore and that means that my showers have become few and far between.  (Don't worry, if you see me soon, I had a really good shower tonight so that should last a few days!)
  • Robby was off today and had joked with me about not doing school today but there was no way that I could skip school for no good reason-it would mess up my schedule (isn't that horrible of me? I need to relax about my silly schedule!)  But I did let the kids skip a few things so everyone was finished with school by 10 just in time to head outside with Robby.
  • Today was a yard day and our plans were to burn a few leaves...and boy did we! It was not really windy when we started but soon it was a bit windy.  We would stop adding to our pile and were really watching our fire but we should have stopped when the wind continued (mistake 1) and of course, as we have told the kids over and over, we should have had a hose nearby (mistake 2). 
  • You can probably guess where this is going?  Yep, fire jumped our road into the wooded area in front of our house.  The leaves there were so thick we couldn't make a barrier so 911 was called.  (Yes, the 911 lady thought I was a hysterical nut and I so need to practice dialing 911)  Neighbor man came out to fight the fire that went into his yard and we scorched an old wooden shed of the other neighbors too.  
  • Within minutes, the fireman (God bless them) were there and things were under control.  Now what were my kids doing at this time?  Well, they had started all out in the yard eating lunch in the back.  Whitman was in his high chair.  We hollered at them to get water and that they did-some buckets, mostly cups-like dixie cup size!  
  • My big kids were pretty worried (we had just seen a house that had burned when we were at the McGuires house).  And who wouldn't be worried-Robby and I were yelling at each other since we couldn't see each other from the smoke.  (Campbell wasn't too scared-she tried to chat with Robby as he was hooking up the hose-she told him all about the firemen coming to school yesterday)  But the kids were excellent though-I couldn't have been prouder.  
  • After the fireman showed up, I did go inside to use the restroom and found my babies all in the living room watching the firemen.  Anderson ran up to me to apologize for them messing up the kitchen floor while getting water-and I tell you the floor was a mess-a muddy trail of water.  Of course I told them that was completely alright and I would clean it all up later.
  • Soon everything was fine and really for an out of control leaf fire, it couldn't have gone much better-no one was hurt, no real property was damaged (just the neighbors dilapidated shed and lock), we met 2 neighbors and lots of nice firemen.  
  • And of course, Robby and I feel pretty stupid but what bothers us the most is the kids-we certainly don't ever want to put them in a situation that they could have been hurt (or us) and we don't ever want them to be scared.  So needless to say, everyone was given some extra cuddles and we have both talked and talked to them about how we were a bit scared too, about how God took care of us and provided the firemen and thanked them for their help.  
  • Robby and I really wanted to call it quits after our fire was out but we pressed on and started another fire (kidding!  We aren't always the brightest but we do learn from our mistakes!)  We did keep raking and just hauled our leaves to the bottom of our yard and dumped them over the fence into the woods.  So we were able to accomplish our goal of cleaning up the front yard.
  • The kids went back and forth between inside and outside for the rest of the afternoon.  They rode their bikes, fell off their scooters, swang, rode on the trailer and when we were finally finished in the yard, the kids were rewarded with a soccer game with Robby and me.  
  • That is truly a big deal and we didn't just play a bit, we played to the first team to 7-thought we would never finish that game.  I hung up the baby swing and Whitman was able to watch us and Keaton was eating some of her cookies left over from snack and since they were happy, our game just went on and on and on!
  • After the game (Reagan and I won-Campbell was on our team some but she spent a lot of time picking bark off of a tree-hope she does some better during the soccer games!) the kids had popsicles while Robby had his shower.  Then the kids came in to shower off and after they were clean, I jumped in.  Robby and I tried to think  of something to eat but couldn't think of anything so he loaded everyone up to go and get pizza (yes, we had it last night but pizza is our comfort food!)
  • Just as they were leaving, Nonna and Pops came over to show us some clothes they had bought for the boys so they visited with me while Robby drove through the drive thru with everyone else.  The kid enjoyed seeing Nonna and Pops and everyone was pretty perfect during supper-I think they were too tired to do much anything other than eat.  
  • We put them to bed and not a peep was heard from my Dennie crew.  Not really sure what all we will do tomorrow-hopefully the big plans tomorrow consist of cleaning the kitchen floor, vacuuming and maybe even a bit of reading for school...maybe even a movie night!

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