March 23, 2014

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Starting out spring break with Cash!

  • We were moving along splendidly this morning getting ready.  I was though a bit surprised when Robby said that we really needed to leave in 25 minutes so he could run by Pops' house before church to look at his computer.  But I was up for the challenge and soon 5 kids were dressed and I was working on Keaton's hair while Robby went into wake Whitman up.
  • Poor Whitman has been having some explosive diapers in the mornings and this one beat all else that we had seen lately.  Robby announced what all he was seeing and smelling while I quickly tried to finish Keaton's hair.  No telling what poor Keaton's hair looked like this morning.
  • We hosed Whitman off the best we could and called him good.  No, not really, Robby fully dressed and ready to go scrubbed that boy pretty well.  While he did that, I took the pack n play outside and scrubbed it down.  Soon Robby was calling for everyone to get in the car and we still made it out of the house in time for Robby to fix Pops' computer-hopefully.  
  • We were even at church early enough that Campbell was able to go in and see Grannymom and Grandpa before going to her class.  Half of me wishes that she went to big church with us now and the other half knows better.  I do just love having the kids sit with us in church...though we didn't have worship care this morning so we just went right back to church again sitting all by ourselves and that was pretty nice too.
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house and I ended up at the kids table.  I only sat in there because I needed to feed Whitman.  Usually we are more split up between adults and kids but today we were not because all of the kids wanted to be together (well, Campbell did end up with the grown ups because she wanted to sit with Robby)  Anyway, I kind of liked the kids table-I laughed and laughed at those crazy kids.  
  • The kids had some time to play before we headed home.  I will just run down how many folks did what this afternoon and you can just guess who did what-1 ran on the treadmill, 3 napped, 4 watched tv.  I will you give you a clue, the one that ran on the treadmill was the one who has lost 17 pounds and has promised his kids that we will all go bowling when he loses 17 more.  Reagan suggested that we give him broccoli for Whitman's birthday party.
  • Soon Cash came over to spend the night and Keaton went with Dana to spend the night over there.  My Keaton loves her some Dana and was so excited to go.  She told me exactly what to pack in her bag and stood looking out the window until Dana came.  Keaton practically ran to get into Dana's car and happily waved as they drove away.
  • The boys played and played together-some air hockey but mostly making forts and playing army.  There was a game of "house" that involved Reagan and Campbell being cheerleaders (though that had a huge fight about how would hold which set of pompoms) and the boys had their shirts off and were  play wrestling.  I just let that slide and thankfully no one got injured.
  • Robby whipped up breakfast for supper as I finished helping Campbell make a purse.  That child was so proud of sewing that purse herself-wish I could have captured her smile when she realized that she was "sewing."
  • The kids were really happy with supper and all of their plates were cleaned.  Campbell and Robby played with Whitman for awhile and then we put him to bed.  That boy is so close to starting to walk all over this house.  I pulled my dreaded gate out of the attic tonight.
  • Then our Sunday night ice cream truck was pulled out and the kids had their pick of ice cream before we watched a tv show before bed.  The boys are sleeping in their bedroom on the floor and Keaton and Reagan are in our room on the floor.  Everyone is quiet right now so maybe they are all asleep!

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