March 6, 2014

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Soccer season is upon us!

  • Thursday morning and that meant blessed pop tart morning.  Though it was nearly 8 when we all started on breakfast and I had to go upstairs to wake Reagan up-that child doesn't know how good she has it!  
  • The kids worked on school and the big accomplishment this morning was Graham finishing up his reading book.  I love that book yet I hate it too.  I love it because it has taught 3 Dennie kids how to read yet I don't like it because we work in it every single day-Reagan then Anderson then Graham and tomorrow will be Campbell's turn.
  • I would have started her turn on it today but I had to go to her conference for Ms. Hannah's class.  Campbell understood where I was going and must have been very concerned about what I was going to find out there because as I drove away, she was hanging out of the front door of the house saying "I've been good, I've been good."
  • And indeed she has been good at school.  Ms. Hannah was very complimentary of Campbell.  She had mostly Cs on her report card (that's good) and only 3 Es (emerging).  After Ms. Hannah finished, I asked the question that I was most concerned about: Does she obey?  And the answer was that she certainly does.  I took a sigh of relief then and Campbell was very happy to know that she got a good report too!
  • The kids were playing on their kindles when I came home and soon it was lunch time.  We had our lunch and worked around the house for a few minutes.  The afternoon was spent as usual-except I made smoothies for snack time.  I have almost perfected my recipe: strawberries, blueberries, diet sprite and yogurt today.  The kids were pleased with them but after eating just one bite, I had a horrible brain freeze.  On chilly days like today, I sure wish that I enjoyed coffee.
  • Right before 4, I started waking up Keaton and Whitman so they could load up with me for a few minutes at Nonna's house while the big ones rode on with Robby to soccer.  I dropped them off and then met Robby and the kids.
  • My house has been so excited about soccer-all 4 of my big kids are thrilled and can not wait.  They have been playing soccer inside and outside of the house for days.  Try outs were quick and painless and my Campbell was the happiest to be out on the field.  She has been waiting for years to play a sport and tonight was the best night in the world to that little girl.  I can not imagine how thrilled she will be when she gets her uniform.
  • We went into Nonna's house on the way home so we could wait around and see Pops for a bit.  The kids played a round or 15 of limbo.  Then we loaded up and headed home for showers and supper.  We were all showered and eating supper when Robby made it from soccer evals.  
  • After supper, I tried to help the kids play a game of charades-it was definitely something to watch.  I do believe that their charade skills will need a bit of practice!  Then it was bedtime for the crew-they have been in bed for at least 30 minutes now and Reagan and Keaton are the only ones awake.  Keaton just called me upstairs to tell me that Reagan was waking her up.  

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