March 7, 2014

11 months & 5 days old!

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  • Another weekday means another day at Dennie school.  Since it was Friday, I made muffins-I used 2 of those mixes that come in pouches, one chocolate chip and one blueberry.  But am sadly realizing that 12 muffins isn't enough to feed my crew.  They almost came to blows over the last half of Keaton's muffin. Unfortunately, I am also realizing that our grocery budget is going to continue to climb-today was Robby's second day this week to "run in" to the grocery store for me and come home with a trunk full of groceries.
  • Today was a lighter day at school-most everyone worked on their math facts on the computer, Anderson looked up a word in the dictionary (but I forgot to show him the definition of dictionary or explain how/why to use it so I missed that teaching opportunity), Reagan never got around to work on her oral report and Graham loved having a day with no phonics in his boxes.
  • School was over around 10 this morning and as the kids left the school room, I headed in.  Yesterday, I pulled out Reagan and Anderson's school work for the next month.  So today I pulled out Graham's work-it seems like it takes forever (probably 30-45 minutes) but it makes me school day run so much smoother so it is worth it.
  • Reagan did stay in the school room with me and worked on making her bracelets.  Since yesterday, she has figured out how to complete more advanced bracelets.  She was the one who would get them ready and then I would have to do the hard part but now she can do it.  Reagan has learned how to operate my computer so she can watch the bracelet how to videos on youtube.  That girl is so proud of all of her bracelets, necklaces and even rings.
  • Campbell is spending the night with Nonna and Pops and she spent the rest of the morning working on packing.  I made sure that she stuffed the required amount of clothing into her backpack but then let her add whatever else she would like.  I have no idea what she shoved into her bag-last I heard was her kindle and a soccer ball.
  • We did some reading during lunch and then started on our chores.  The boys flew through their chores and had one last item on their list "Mom's choice."  I didn't really have anything so Graham suggested cleaning the bar stools.  Well, that sounded like a good idea and passed out scrub brushes and set them and Campbell loose.  They worked on the cabinets, bar, barstools, table and chairs scrubbing them all-I am not sure how clean things got though.  I guess that the floor did get cleaned some with all of that soapy water falling and then those little socked feet scrubbing it around.
  • Nonna and Pops came to pick up Campbell and she was pretty happy to leave but she really wanted for us all to wave at her as she left.  When they left, the little folks went to bed and the big folks had a snack and watched a movie.  
  • When Robby made it home, we had our Friday Mexican supper and then it was game time.  We played Race to the Treasure and Mastermind.  Robby was just pulling out all of the stops because next he suggested ice cream sundaes.  I thought the evening was coming to a close but he then turned on our Let's Make a Deal.  The kids were beyond excited with this Friday night.  
  • Oh on one of mine and Keaton's many trips to the bathroom tonight, while the others were playing the games, we came out and saw 2 deer right near our house-like 10 feet from it.  Then we counted 6 more out in the yard.  Keaton was so excited to see the deer so we called the others to come and watch too.  So neat to see around right near the house.  

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