March 4, 2014

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Homemade Pizza Night!

  • Another snow day for most everyone but for us, it was just another school morning with Robby working from home for a bit.  He actually entertained Campbell and Keaton upstairs while the rest of us worked on school.  I am sure that he enjoyed running on the treadmill while watching Caillou.  Those girls were also worked for a long time on playing Connect 4.  As Robby was running, he watched them try to play for a long time-each one putting in the chip and then watching it fall out.  He got off to try to fix the game but had to send them down to me.  I didn't know what they wanted when they came to me so I didn't fix that part but another part.  I sent them back upstairs and again they continued to play with the chips falling out.  Robby sent them down again and I was able to understand what they needed and sent them up to play correctly.  They worked hard to play that game but probably only played for 4 minutes. 
  • School went much better this morning.  I had decided that I wasn't going to try to work individually with the kids until Whitman was asleep or when he was contained (high chair, exersaucer)  That did seem to help a bit.  Poor Reagan is used to me running here and there while trying to work together.  Today when she brought spelling for us to work on, she brought other work to do as well.  She said "I know you will have to get up while we are working."  When we were almost finished, she said "I guess you didn't have to get up today."  It really helped a lot that my 2 little girls were upstairs.   
  • Robby finally decided to drive to work.  He had determined that he was going to leave this house one way or the other today and work was as good of an excuse as any.  He was going to run to the store as well sometime during the day.  Robby said that it was slicker than he thought it would be on his way to work but thankfully, the roads had thawed some on his way home.  
  • Pops and Nonna didn't want to be stuck at home for one more day.  So they brought lunch for everyone and the kids.  We all had our lunch and then the kids wrestled with Pops.  Anderson and Pops played a game of Battleship.  Nonna played with Whitman and Keaton was happy to show off her potty skills (3 accidents today but that is still okay-I wash clothes every day anyway-just trying to remind myself of this)
  • Reagan and I tried to make another "advanced" loom bracelet today.  It was almost perfect and I think that I could have figured it out if I could have sat down and worked on his tonight in a quiet room but alas there are no quiet rooms in the middle of the day at our house.  So we went ahead and tried to make an "intermediate" bracelet.  We made it and as soon as we took it off of the loom, it started to come apart.  We were able to salvage it and she is pleased and I am crossing my fingers that we do not have to make another hard bracelet for a long, long time.  
  • When Nonna and Pops left, it was nap and movie time for the kids.  I worked on the garage sale stuff and then on the treadmill.  I enjoyed working in the cold attic much more that my treadmill time.  When the kids were all awake they played upstairs some-nothing like a game of dodge ball in your house!  Nice to have enough kids that they can pick teams and then play a game like that upstairs-some times they probably wouldn't even miss me if I just ran to Target for a few minutes (kidding, kind of!)
  • Robby made it home and we started on supper- homemade pizzas.  Years ago we had made pizza dough and it was just too doughy and not good at all.  We thought we would try it again and tonight the pizzas were perfect.  But even better was how much fun the kids had making their own pizzas.  They worked so hard on make them just the perfect shapes.  And you wouldn't believe how long Reagan worked on sprinkling her cheese just perfectly.  Everyone but Campbell used sausage on theirs.  Campbell asked me "will this taste good with out that (sausage)?"  I said that it would just taste like cheese pizza.  
  • The kids loved, loved eating their pizzas.  We decided that pizza making needs to be one of our stand by meals.  The pizza making took a bit longer so we were running late when we all finally sat down for our nightly show.  Everyone must have been tired tonight from our big day because we didn't hear a peep out of anyone when they went to bed.  

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