March 19, 2014

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The oldest two!

  • Wednesday morning so the kids were up and getting dressed at a decent time (though I was the one a bit on the slow side this morning-I can hit snooze for 45 minutes straight!)  Robby served up breakfast while I finished getting ready.  Then he left and we quickly gathered the trash before jumping in our van for Bible study.
  • Bible study was fine today but I did have a bit of excitement at the end.  Whitman is usually the only one in his class so they will occasionally move him to another room.  Well today, when I walked by his room, the lights were off and the door was closed so I started checking the nearby rooms trying to find him.  No one knew where he was so I went to ask the lady at the front.  She didn't know that they had moved him and then I rechecked his class and there he was in the dark room snoozing away while his teachers whispered as not to wake him.  Even though my head knew that he was still there somewhere, my heart was pounding like crazy.  
  • Next stop was Beebee's place.  Today the kids were the best that they have ever been there so I was very much relieved.  I was expecting the worst since Keaton and Campbell fussed most of the way there.  The kids politely ate at the table with Beebee and then they even stayed and chatted for awhile.  Then Graham and Keaton walked across the building to go and get Beebee's stash of candy.  (I always get tickled thinking about my 5 and 2 year old traipsing across a nursing home together)
  • The big 3 played checkers across the room while I tried to visit with Beebee.  I can not hear a word she says-I guess I am the one losing my hearing and not my 90 year old grandmother.  She seems to hear everything that the kids say.  Campbell and Keaton sat at the table with Beebee and played with some legos that are in the room that we are in.  Finally, we rolled Beebee back to her room and headed back home.
  • Once home, Keaton and Whitman went to the bed and I unloaded the car.  Then the others watched tv and I went to work cleaning the bathrooms.  Campbell begged me to help and usually I would but Wednesdays are long days and I really just wanted to quiet for a few minutes so I declined.  Later, I found Campbell asleep on the couch-I probably should have joined her!
  • Soon we had supper and finally finished our Brighty of the Grand Canyon book.  The kids were pretty thrilled that we finished it and I am looking forward to getting to the other pile of books that I want to read to them.  Before long, Robby was home from work and we were loading back up for church.
  • Church was fine tonight and very soon, we were back home eating a snack before bed.  Keaton is the one having a hard time tonight calming down-she has needed a new diaper and then called for more socks.  Every time we tuck her in, she says "don't let the dinosaurs bite you, ok?" which is her take on don't let the bed bugs bite.

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