March 15, 2014

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  • The kids did pretty good today about staying in bed this morning.  A bit extra sleep was nice but then that pushed breakfast way back.  Robby ran on the treadmill and the kids watched Shark Tank as he ran.  Then I did my turn on the treadmill and the kids watched Undercover Boss as I ran.  Usually that is a safe show but today I had to explain (as I was huffing and puffing) how a man could used to be a woman.  Gracious me!  Those kids eyes were huge as I was trying to explain that and thoroughly explain what we believe about all of that.  Minutes later, Robby came upstairs to explain again our beliefs.
  • So after that lesson it was finally time for breakfast as I finished up.  Robby made eggs and biscuits.  Graham and Robby had breakfast burritos while the others used lots and lots of honey.  We picked up the house a bit and started washing all of the sheets before heading out for some errands.
  • Graham needed new tennis shoes, Reagan needed new cleats and someone needed new shin guards (Anderson will probably be the one with the new shin guards, Reagan will get his, Graham will keep his old ones and Campbell will get Reagan's old ones-confusing isn't it?)
  • Then we walked over to Sams just for an icee and then to have a few samples.  Reagan loves sample day at Sams and tries most everything and today was her lucky day because one of the samples today was bacon and another was a chocolate dipped strawberry.  She said later in the car that she wished she would have had Campbell get a piece of bacon since she didn't want one.  
  • Then we went to pick up Keaton from Grannymom and Grandpa's house.  She had had an upset tummy last night but was soon fine and had a great morning.  Keaton was so excited about getting to ride in Grandpa's car and go to the dollar store.  She came home with a pink bat and ball.  Grannymom said that even though worked on playing ball, Keaton still didn't really catch on.
  • Back at home, Keaton had a nap and Robby brought Whitman still strapped into his whole car seat into the house so he could finish his nap (about a zillion pounds).  Everyone else worked on cleaning out the car but I soon saw lots of kids (mine and neighbor kids) playing flag football in the front yard.  I worked some inside but came back out in time to see Robby and the kids throwing the car seats back in the car because it was starting to rain.
  • I made soup for supper and then made re-fried beans today.  The beans were my project-a bit to save money (saved about 53 cents-woo hoo!) but also for them to be a bit healthier.  I did make the equivalent of 5 cans and it will depend on how they taste if I do it again or not.  Robby and I spent most of the afternoon making all of the beds with clean sheets.  Bunk beds are not my friend when it comes to changing sheets.
  • Soon Grannymom and Grandpa came over for supper.  We had soup and grilled cheese sandwiches-Robby used my mom's secret ingredient on the sandwiches-mayo.  The kids liked them but were a bit turned off when we told them that mayonnaise was on the sandwiches.  After supper, the kids worked hard on showing off how well they can clean up the kitchen and then Grannymom and Robby worked on taxes while Grandpa and the rest of us watched Let's Make a Deal.
  • When their taxes were finished and the show was over, we had brownies for our bedtime snack.  Whitman had been our entertainment during the movie-he would grab onto a pillow and try to pick it up.  But when he did this, he would stand up and stay standing for a long time.  That child will soon be walking but for tonight, all of that standing made him pretty tired!

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